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The 9crt Gold and Tourmaline Eternity Ring
A stunning one off!
The Heavenly Real Gold hoops
9ct hallmarked hoops in two different sizes
The Man In The Moon Ovals
Out of stock!
The Pegasus Earrings
Hand-etched 'Intaglio' Venetian glass with...
The Gem Droplets
Stack or wear alone, a multitude of colours
The Thick Rope Bracelet
Silver & gold...
The Gold Arrow Necklace
We hit the arrow on the head with this one...
The Gold Intaglio Detachables
Etched glass in an Etruscan gold setting
The Silver Intaglio Detachables...
Voila, now in silver...
The Bobble Hoops
A fun take on a classic
The Brushed Golden Hoops
Wear alone or with our detachable collection...
The Button Studs With A Twist
Colourful studs to add our detachables...
The 'Diamond' Gold Coin Pendant...
Brace Yourselves...
The Intaglio Studs
Versatile Romanesque Jewels
The Large Rope Necklace
In silver & gold
The Palmtree Studs
A little stud with a big impact...
The Peridot and Green Onyx Little Hoops
Make 'em green with envy
The Pineapple Studs
A little stud with a big impact
The Rising Star Necklace
The Brightest Stars We Could Find...
The Round Hoops
New style hoops to fit ALL of our detachable's
The Short Gems By The Yard Necklace
Lovely & Colourful...
The Silver Coin Pendant
A stunningly unique piece
The Small Coin Earrings
Stunning Roman-esque detachables
The Small Rope Bracelet
In Silver & Gold...
The Small Rope Necklace
In silver & gold
The Total Eclipse Necklace
A stunning astrological necklace!
The Vintage Rope Earrings
Beautiful twisted hoops in gold or silver
The Goddess Venus Earrings
Inspired by Beauty - MORE COLOURS
The Adonis Bracelet
A gorgeous adjustable Romanesque piece!
The Centaurs Pearls
Mythical Excellence...
The Large Coin Earrings
Sparkling Etruscan Detachables
The Zeus Pendant
Etched Intaglio glass in gold plated silver
The Diamond Candy Earrings
Reduced from £55
The Fabulous Rainbow 5-stone Ring
A glorious spectrum of real gemstones
The Silver and Rose Gold 'Diamond' Bangles
Fool your friends with these realistic beauties
The Trilogy Rainbow Ring
Three glorious gemstones
Pear 'Sapphire' & 'Diamond' Earrings
True blue excellency...
The Crystal Shard Necklace
A real treasure for your neck
The 'Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend' Ring
An awe-inspiring sparkler
The Delphines
Royal hue's in these classic clusters
The 'Diamond' Bull Horn Earrings
Wear alone or stack up your earlobe
The 'Diamond' Kaleidoscope Necklace
A fun, glamorous pendant
The Dot Earrings
We're just dotty about these dots
The Farfalle Earrings
Instant Glamour, Timeless Elegance...
The Jupiter Rings - stackable heaven!
Five point eternity ring - silver, gold or...
The Little Lightning Bolts
A flash of 'diamonds'
The Posey Earrings
Ring-a-ring with these dazzling roses
The Taj Earrings
Regal & Romantic...
The 2.5mm Eternity Band
In Silver & Gold...
The 3.5mm Eternity Band
In Silver & Gold...
The Rainbow Clover Necklace - Real Gems
Reduced from £195- over 70% off!
The Stars-by-the-Yard Short Necklace
A real standout piece
The Rainbow Mix & Match Bracelets
Fabulous variety in beautiful colours
The Rainbow Mix & Match Long Necklace
Reduced from £70
The Rough Aquamarine Ring
A real, unpolished genuine Aquamarine
The Little Triangle and 'Diamond' Necklace
Layering Heaven...
The Large Dot Necklace
An absolute winner!
The Small Dot Necklace
An absolute winner this season!
Plastic Backed Butterflies
The Anti-Droop Earring Backs!
The Real Diamond and Aqua Chalcy Ring
Reduced from £74
The Triple Gem Hoops
Gorgeous real gemstone earrings!
The Gold Clover Gemstone Detachables
Every colour under the Rainbow!
The Chelsea Ring
Now in Gold!...
Classic Gold 'Diamond' Studs
in three sizes
The Gold Tennis Bracelet
Stunning diamonds, now in gold
The Apple Tree Blossom Studs
Delicate & Darling...
The Detachable Coin Studs
Studs with a twist!
The Diamond Dazzle Stick
Never wear dull, dirty jewels again!
The Heavenly Gift Card
Give the gift of something wonderful

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