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Whether it's Ibiza or the Isle of Wight; if you're staying with friends at their beach house this summer, why not give them something that'll last?

Think seaside; think pearls by the yard; shells; starfish

House Gifts

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The Total Eclipse Necklace
A stunning astrological necklace!
The Gold Clover Gemstone Detachables
Brand new colours
The Short Gems By The Yard Necklace
Lovely & Colourful...
The Small Rope Bracelet
In Silver & Gold...
Single Diamond & Silver 'Twist' Lever Backs
For every-day comfort and glamour
The 'Diamond' Kaleidoscope Necklace
A fun, glamorous pendant
The Heavenly Gold Cufflinks
Reduced from £75
The Heavenly Silver Cufflinks
Reduced from £75
The Moon and Stars Ring
Cosmic moonstone and glittering stars
The Rainbow Quartz Clover Necklace
Reduced from £95
The Stars-by-the-Yard Short Necklace
A real standout piece
The Duchess Necklaces
Reduced from £160
The Rainbow Mix & Match Bracelets
Fabulous variety in beautiful colours
The Duchess Bracelets
Reduced from £135
The Day Dream Bracelet
Reduced from £65
The Large Dot Necklace
An absolute winner!
Shell Clip-on Earrings
Reduced from £88..
The Detachable Shell Earrings
Reduced from £42
The Fabulous Shell Stud Earrings
Reduced from £48
The Golden Discs
Reduced from £55
The Constellation Stud
Reduced from £35
The Double Gem Clover Earrings
Now in pink!
The Citrine Dream Necklace
Reduced from £70
The Silver Clover Detachable Gemstones
Now in MORE colours
The 9Carat Gold Hardware Bracelet
Solid 9ct! Reduced from £240
Fine 3mm Round Stone Tennis Bracelet
Delicate & chic
The Blue-Green quartz gemstone necklace
Reduced from £120
The Classic 3.5mm Tennis Bracelet
A heavenly favourite
The Gold Tennis Bracelet
The Three-in-one Pearls
Reduced from £68
The gold and silver leverback hoops
Gold, silver, plain or 'diamond' for our...
The Golden Oval Gemstone Necklace
Reduced from £58
The Oval Gemstone Bangle
Reduced from £55
The Short Gold Clover Necklace
Reduced from £58
The Silver Clover Bracelet
Reduced from £38
The Silver Oval Gemstone Necklace
Reduced from £58
Reduced from £44
Heavenly Leverback 'Diamond' Drop Cluster Earrings
Stunning classic earrings
Pearls By The Metre in 16
Short Necklace Reduced from £65
Rubover CZ 'Diamond' Studs
Simple, elegant 'diamond' rubover setting...
The Gold Gemstone Rubover Studs
Reduced from £38
Gold 'Diamonds' By The Metre Bracelet
Classically elegant, always stunning
The Rainbow Flower Studs
Colourful little earrings!
Silver Blue Topaz Little Gem Pendant
Reduced from £50
Silver Starfish Stud, Detachable Gemstone
Reduced from £38
The 'Diamond' Starfish Pendant
Reduced from £52
The Gold Clover Bracelet
Reduced from £38
Detachable Pearl and Gold-plated  Leverback Hoop Earrings
Pearls £22 per pair; plain or 'diamond' hoops...
Detachable Pearl and Silver  Plain or 'Diamond' Hoop Earrings
Pearls £22 per pair, hoops £38.
The Pearls By The Metre Bracelet
Freshwater beauties in gold or silver
Glorious Deco Drops
Classic elegance, so realistic
Perfect Single Diamond Pendant
It's a classic - in three sizes; the single...
Sterling Silver chain
A fine silver chain available in 16", 18"...

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