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NEW!! The Triangle Necklace
Reduced from £85
New - The Detachable Shells
Reduced from £36
NEW - The Larger Silver Eternity Ring
3mm eternity ring
New! The Lapis Lazuli Guinevere Ring
Our most popular ring, now with this enchanting...
The Baguette Oval Gemstone Stud
Reduced from £58
The Cluster Pendants
Reduced from £90
The Cool Blues
Reduced from £65
The Delicate Flower Studs
Reduced from £44 each
The Detachable Teardrop Gem
Reduced from £56
The Double Lock Drops -now two colours!
Reduced from £108
The Gold Mini Verbier Earrings
Another wonderful detachable GEM to add to...
Gorgeous "diamond" starfish to fit on our...
Detachable Pearl and Silver  Plain or 'Diamond' Hoop Earrings
Pearls £22 per pair, hoops £38.
Gold Clover Gemstone 17.5 - 19.5 inch necklace
Perfect day and night - lots of lovely colours!
The Silver Clover Earring
Reduced from £48
Classic 'Diamond' CZ Stud Earrings
The classic 'diamond' studs - SO like the...
The Finer Baguette Diamond Eternity Ring
Fabulous channel-set 'diamond' eternity ring.

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