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The Ten Gem Hoops
NEW Gorgeous, lightweight, unique hoops!...
The Yellow Diamond CZ Ring
Guess who's back, back again...
The Magnificent Girl's Best Friend
It's back! A massive cushion-cut stone cluster...
New - The Detachable Shells
Now in brushed 'satin' silver and gold
New - The Starfish Bracelet
Such perfect little pieces
Classic gold and 'diamond' lever-hoop with gemstone.
Hoops for just £38, and a pair of Gems for...
Classic silver lever-hoop with gemstone
Hoops for just £38, and a pair of Gems for...
Fine 3.5mm Round Stone Tennis Bracelet
Reduced from £106
Fine 3mm Round Stone Tennis Bracelet
Reduced from £96
Gold Clover Gemstone Detachables
Our favourite earrings - Now in more fabulous...
NEW - The Double Gem Clover Earrings
New wonderful colours added
New - The Glorious Back-to-Front Hoops
So different - and with serious WOW factor!
NEW - The Larger Silver Eternity Ring
3mm eternity ring
NEW - The Oval Gemstone Tennis Bracelet
Reduced from £108
New!  The Dazzling Rainbow Tennis Bracelet
Reduced from £138
NEW! Silver 'diamond' clover detachables
For the ultimate glam factor
The Fine Tennis Bracelet
Reduced from £88
The Golden Oval Gemstone Necklace
Add colour to your life! Was £58
Gorgeous "diamond" starfish to fit on our...
 Fabulous Gold Gemstone Rubover Studs and Detachable Ovals
NOW IN AMETHYST: interchangeable drops on...
Delicate 'diamond' flower stud
Now in silver, yellow and rose gold!
Pearls By The Metre in 16
SO-O-o-o Chanel, dah-ling!
The 'Pearl and Diamond' Earrings
The Silver Large Pearl and Starfish Earring
A showstopping summer piece!
Gold Gemstone Rubover Studs and Detachable Ovals
So many combos - now even more colours!
The Fabulous Blue Topaz Guinevere Ring
This year's most wanted
The 'Diamond' and 'Emerald' Tennis Bracelet
Reduced from £108
The gold 'diamond' huggy hoop with gem
Gems reduced from £38
The silver 'diamond' huggy hoop and gem
Gems reduced from £38
NEW - Double Diamond Stud Earring
The beautiful double drops - so realistic!
The Gold Pearl and Large Starfish Earring
Get ready for summer...!
Detachable Pearl and Silver  Plain or 'Diamond' Hoop Earrings
Pearls £15 per pair, hoops £38.
Gold Clover Gemstone 17.5 - 19.5 inch necklace
Perfect day and night - lots of lovely colours!
The Super Stud Earrings
A discreet yet flashy 'diamond' cluster earring.
Classic 'Diamond' CZ Stud Earrings
The classic 'diamond' studs - SO like the...

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