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The NEW Ten Gem Hoops
Bigger, bolder and now in a rainbow colour...
The Cocktail Earring
Because floral is just so 'in' this season
The Rainbow Hoop Earrings
Now in two sizes
The Crystal Tassel Earrings
Sparkling Sophistication
The Gold Cleopatra's
Golden Serpents
The Real Gem Tassel Earrings
The Silver Cleopatra's
Beautiful Silver Serpents
The Golden Discs
A beautifully warming statement earring
The Constellation Stud
Unique earrings for every day
The Double Gem Clover Earrings
New wonderful colours added
The Triple Gem Hoops
Seriously cool every day - MORE COLOURS
The Gold Clover Gemstone Detachables
NEW Rainbow colours
Fabulous Detachable Shark teeth
Now in stunning new colours
The Lila Long Hoops
Reduced from £80
Classic 'Diamond' Studs - Gold
Classic, beautiful everyday earrings
The Back-to-Front Firework Earrings
A brilliant explosion of sparkles
The Snake Cuff Earrings
Snaking up the earlobe
The Jewelled Scarab Earrings
Beautiful gemstones for your lobes
The Shell Pendants
Reduced from £35
The Fabulous Shell Stud Earrings
Reduced from £36
Shell Clip-on Earrings
Reduced from £88
The Circle of Love Stud Earrings
Beautiful, simple and very chic
The Detachable Shells
Reduced from £36
The Double Shell Earrings
Reduced from £68
The fabulous gold leaf earrings
Reduced from £150
The gold and silver leverback hoops
Gold, silver, plain or 'diamond' for our...
The Starburst Earrings
Reduced from £70
Green onyx silver ovals
Make 'em green with envy!
Large Gold Starfish Hook Earrings
Reduced from £40
Silver 'diamond' clover detachables
Utter Heaven!...
Silver Lapis Lazuli Detachable Ovals
Our new favourite stone, now in silver ovals
The Amazing Gold Hoops and Gemstone Ovals
Wow-factor and elegance - so many amazing...
The Amazing Silver Hoops and Gemstone Ovals
An insane amount of variety!
The Back to Front Peacocks
Reduced from £78
The Baguette & Brilliant Earrings
Simply Divine....
The Detachable Teardrop Gem
Reduced from £56
The Geometric Drops
Fabulous bushed gold earrings
The Glorious Back-to-Front Hoops
Reduced from £58
The Gold Mini Verbier Earrings
Gems reduced from £48
The Laurel Ear Cuff
Reduced from £28
The Silver Clover Gemstone Detachables
Our popular blue/green quartz clovers are...
The Tiny Laurel Leaf Earring
Reduced from £40
Reduced from £44
Heavenly Leverback 'Diamond' Drop Cluster
Classic elegance, so realistic and SO-o-o...
Rubover CZ 'Diamond' Studs
Simple, elegant 'diamond' rubover setting...
Silver Gemstone Rubover Studs
Now in so many colours!
The Gold Gemstone Rubover Studs
Reduced from £38
The Silver Gemstone Rubover Studs
Reduced from £38
Single 'Diamond' Leverbacks
Simple, stylish and only £30!!
The 'Pearl and Diamond' Earrings
The famous ones
The Autumnal Coloured Gold Ovals
So many combos - now even more colours!
The Silver Mini Verbier Earrings
Gemstones reduced from £48
Gold Teardrop Truly Amazing Earrings
Gemstones Reduced from £60
The Rainbow Flower Studs
Colourful little earrings!
The Gold Cushion Cut Drops
EVEN MORE colours just added
The Silver Cushion Cut Drops
EVEN MORE colours added
Silver Starfish Stud, Detachable Gemstone
Reduced from £38
The Double Diamond Stud Earring
The beautiful double drops - so realistic
Detachable Pearl and Gold-plated  Leverback Hoop Earrings
Pearls £22 per pair; plain or 'diamond' hoops...
Detachable Pearl and Silver  Plain or 'Diamond' Hoop Earrings
Pearls £22 per pair, hoops £38.
Gold Clover Earring
Beautifully glam earrings
The Super Stud Earrings
A discreet yet flashy 'diamond' cluster earring.
Silver Clover Detachable Gemstones
Gorgeous clover gemstones to fit on our hoops
The Gold Starfish Studs
Simply the prettiest starfish in the sea
The Silver Clover Earring
Reduced from £48
The Original Non-Drop Drops
Perfect for people who say; 'I simply never...
Truly Amazing Detachable Blue Topaz CZ 'Diamond' Cluster Gemstone Earrings
'Diamond' hoop £38, blue topaz drops £64
The Back to front Pearl Earrings
Back in stock
Classic 'Diamond' Studs - Silver
The classic 'diamond' studs - SO like the...
The Detachable Pearls with Diamond Studs
So clever - convert your stud earrings...pearls...
Glorious Deco Drops
Classic elegance, so realistic
Silver Teardrop Truly Amazing Earrings
Detachable gems reduced from £60
The Solitaire Cluster Drops Earrings
Now available in 18ct gold finish
The 'Kiss'
Absolutely charming 'diamond' kisses - so...
Now in three colours and sizes!  The simple pearl clip-ons
In white, apricot or silvery grey...

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