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We love what our valued customers say about us,
and believe that only genuine, unsolicited and un-edited words and photos should be used.

A.A - July 11 2018
Hi Just received my green amethyst drops after calling you yesterday to ask questions! 
Thank you very much they are fabulous and exactly what I wanted and better than expected ! Great service and product.

S.Y - June 2018
I just wanted to say thank you for the fabulous goodies I got yesterday, especially the awesome kind of you! Let me know when you get new items happy I found your shop :)

D.C - May 2018
My earring drops have arrived and our absolutely perfect!  Exactly what I had been hoping for and more.  Thank you so much for your great service and kindness. 

E. N - April 2018
Just Received my earrings from you - they are divine - I adore them thank you ladies. Great servive too! x 

GN November 2017
Such a lovely piece, mixes perfectly with all my "real" jewels and the service from HN is impeccable, so helpful.

Anon, November 2017
I have a genuine and pricey version of this ring and this one looks and feels every bit as good.  I wholeheartedly recommend this product and have found the company to be exceptionally helpful regarding returns when I have chosen the wrong size.

SM November 2017
Just to let you know the rings have just arrived, they are both beautiful and a PERFECT fit.  I am delighted.  Thank you so much.

L.S July 2017
   I LOVE LOVE my earrings as usual -!- which came yesterday -& please forgive me for not sending this YESTERDAY like I always do -it was just extra busy here yesterday -! Thank you SOO much

J.M. July 2017
Daughter LOVES them - will be perfect for her wedding with my "borrowed" studs. 
So, when are you going to open in the US????
J.R. June 2017
My ring arrived and its beautiful!!!!
Thank you so much!!!
M.B April 2017
Just a quick note to let you know that the gold hoops arrived safely yesterday — along with a delightful surprise!  The red studs are so darling! Thank you so very much for the lovely gift!  ðŸ’‹
I’ve been so very impressed with your products and customer service that I’ve given you a well-deserved shout-out on the Royal Order of Sartorial Splendour blog, which I believe is where I first heard about HN.  It seemed fitting to go there to sing your praises.  And now that I’ve learned the joy of mixing and matching those gorgeous oval drops, rest assured I shall be back for more.  
Best wishes for continued success, and thank you again for being so brilliant yourselves!

B.P. March 2017
I wanted to dash off a quick note to let you know that the goods arrived this afternoon!  I literally let out a little yell when I unwrapped my repaired chalcedony (?) hoop earrings.  :-)  Unwrapping each of the little packets reminded me of Christmas, and each set of drops and the two necklaces elicited oohs and ahhs:  they’re all just gorgeous!
The one slight snag in the entire affair is that I utterly neglected to order a pair of hoops to go with the gemstone drops!  I’m sure “The Simpsons” has made it onto British airwaves by now, so you’ll understand my crying “Doh!!”  :-/  I shall order a pair tomorrow.
Again, many thanks for your superb customer service and for going the extra couple thousand miles to repair my hoop earrings.  You all have provided some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced!

J.J. - March 2017
Earrings arrived, she is DELIGHTED!

N.W - February 2017
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the order. It was a lovely Valentine's surprise and I love all the pieces in it! The bracelet is PERFECT and everything else is sublimely gorgeous!

CH- February 2017
The earrings arrived today, and they are beautiful!! I will be recommending your site to friends. Thank you again for checking this for me.

AM- February 2017
Just to say the earrings arrived and I absolutely love them!!! 
Just wanted to let you know as they are gorgeous J

AC - February 2017
I have just received a beautiful package, containing my small order.  I am delighted with both sets of earrings, they are neat and well made, these will be little birthday presents. Your companies service could not be improved upon, you put many multinationals to shame. Thank you for your service.

MA - January 2017
Thank you for your quick response - will definitely order from Heavenly Necklaces again - excellent customer service.

GC - January 2017
I adore the earrings and get so many compliments when I wear them!

BB-B January 2017
I have had nothing but compliments from friends, whom I thought would realize what I was wearing and didn't. Your quality is a extraordinary. Love everything I got and I'll be returning to order again.

JI January 2017
The earrings arrived in time before Xmas - and are being worn almost every single day since then. They are really pretty!!! Thanks!
KM December 2016
What absolutely amazing service. I ordered on Thursday and received my delivery the next day. Thank you so much. 

CB October 2016

These earrings are as nice as many others I've seen for a FRACTION of the cost. Others are $300, and $500 so it would be very worth it to me to order from you instead. 

AM September 2016

Good Morning everyone, I have just got the silver chain I ordered and I love it. I already have a tennis bracelet, and four other rings from your collection. I have swapped the rings I got from you and wear them daily, Im happy to wear them worry free and leave the others in the bank. One is a art deco raised circle one (cant see it on your page at the minute. I was at least four years ago) The half enternity ring, keeper ring, and trilogy ring with the blue stone in the centre you have on special now. I originally bought them because I travel quite a bit but three or four years later they still look amazing. I also have your stud earrings and single pendent. They have never been questioned!!!.
JN September 2016
The two earrings I ordered were the 'Heavenly Lever-back Diamond Drop Cluster' and the 'Diamond Long Teardrops'. I ordered both of them because I wasn't sure which would look better with my wedding dress on the day and ultimate ended up wearing the long teardrops as they were the perfect mix of classic and romantic. Apart from a bracelet and my ring, that was the only jewellery I wore on the day. I wore the Diamond Drop Clusters for our 'rehearsal' evening and I've worn them a number of times since on girls nights out and to weddings. One of the weddings I wore them to was very fancy with some very well off guests and a number of them kept asking 'how much my husband spent on them' which was slightly insulting (as though I couldn't have bought them myself) and very amusing at the same time. In fact a number of them congratulated him on having such wonderful taste and asked him who his jeweller was. He looked a bit clueless at first but played along after that!
At any rate, both pairs of earrings are stunning and easy to wear. I always get comments on them and people are always surprised to hear where they are from

MF August 2016
I got my order this morning and absolutely love it. I will definitely be ordering more in the new year from you! 

SH August 2016

Having searched in vain for a certain item of jewellery which HN do not stock, I contacted the team to see if they could help.  I received the most amazing response and within less than a week was in possession of my dream ring.  I have several fabulous pieces of HN jewellery and cannot praise this company enough for their excellent quality and first class service.

CD August 2016
the starfish earrings I ordered at the weekend have not only arrived in super quick time but also they are FANTASTIC. I love them. Great design and I am sure will be much admired. 

LR July 2016
The earrings are flawless! I want to wear both pairs at once! They are so beautiful I can’t wait to go on holiday with my extended family and for them not to know they aren’t actual diamonds.

SH June 2016
My peridot + topaz earrings have just been delivered and I just wanted to say I am delighted with them - they are fabulous! 
With thanks for such speedy service once again and another excellent design.
JH May 2016
I really was impressed with the speediness of the delivery to Canada.
I wore the earrings today and received compliments on them.
I will definitely order jewellery again from Heavenly Necklaces.
AB April 2016

I have the multi-gem necklace, it is the best necklace that I have bought in my life!! and I have bought a few over the years. it leaves me speechless every time I look at it. It is absolutely stunning amongst many other beautiful things that I could say about it. Thank You Heavenly for this piece. I am extremely happy with it❤️󾬗❣
GS March 2016
I am thrilled with the the pieces which arrived in less than 24 hours from ordering. Such a fantastic service, will be treating myself to more in the future

LS February 2016

I have my ring & I absolutely love it!! It's beautiful & it fits perfectly. Please thank your team for having this especially made for me. It is perfect for little fingers & I don't plan to ever take it off. Thanks again.

AH, Sydney, December 2015
Just a short note to say my GORGEOUS ring arrived today! Love it to bits and it's spot on identical to my original engagement ring so I'll feel safer now when travelling.
AB. December 2015
Your jewellery is of a very high quality and your prices are such amazing value, very low! The gems sparkle away, the earrings are not heavy in any way (I cannot wear heavy earrings as they really hurt me 😢!),  they are so believable, I feel absolutely lovely with my ""jewels"" on ha!! I am so glad that I found you! Your website is lovely and very easy to navigate which is nice these days.
All of my Christmas and Birthday presents will now be all from ""Heavenly Necklaces"", how very nice is that!
 You pay a very affordable rate for postage and then follow it up with Guaranteed Next Day Delivery by 1pm, amazing first class service, it does not get any better than that, in fact I personally am not aware of any other sites that offer this high level!
Heavenly Necklaces, really is a happy complete one stop shop for beautiful stunning jewellery and I have NEVER written an email like this to any other company - ever!!
AH, December 2015

We met at the Chelsea Town Hall fair last Tuesday and you sold me the best pair of earrings
in the world. Anyway I made the mistake of wearing them in front of my sister who now
wants some for Christmas! Please let me know if you have another pair. They re the sparkliest possible tear drops on a thin chain.

RW, November 2015
Just could not resist these as grandchildren gifts!

Mallorca, November 2015 

Just to let you know the ring has arrived safely in Mallorca!  My wife is very pleased with it.

CJ November 2015
Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the Sapphire and Ruby and 'diamond' cluster studs - I bought the sapphire first and they were so pretty I ordered the ruby as well.  Perfect for work days.
Speedy delivery too!

LA September 2015

Wow, you have really outdone yourself this time! I love all the new colours of detachable gemstones and that hot pink quartz is to die for! Gosh, I think by the time I'm done getting the ones I want, I'll have about eleven pairs of the drops. They really are so pretty! 

MV August 2015

I have just received my order - so quick - but also really gorgeous!  Very rarely are you surprised to find a product to be even lovelier than on the website but these rings are superb!  Thank you for such a great service and so prompt!
DA, New Zealand August 2015
Writing to say how thrilled I am with my ring - it sparkles like the real thing!
It was very well packaged, so arrived safe & sound.
I also want to say that I was stunned at how quickly this ring traveled.
I live in New Zealand, and from the day I ordered it, until it arrived at my home - only FIVE days!
And that includes getting through Customs!
I have waited longer for local parcels to arrive!
I most certainly will be buying from you again.
SC August 2015
Just want to say how delighted I am with my diamond ring which arrived this morning ..only ordered yesterday so really amazed. Have ordered from you before so know the quality of your products. Can't wait to show off my new purchase. ..its certainly got the wow factor!!
Saw the ring on sale on Facebook so with a birthday just past decided to treat myself.

R. August 2015

I just received an order from you that included a three stone emerald cut ring.  
It is absolutely stunning!

GG August 2015
Thank you, thank you, thank you!  New ring safely on finger - finger has lost weight
and it's a perfect fit.  I'm really thrilled. 

JC, July 2015
My compliments to you, for your lovely manner and personality.
I have had nothing but lovely experiences dealing with you all!

CJ, July 2015
Just to say thank you for the speedy arrival today of yesterday's order, and to let you know that the pink amethyst drops fit perfectly on my (own, plain gold) hoops, so I'm keeping them!

LA, July 2015
I received the studs recently & I love them! The first time I wore them, my friends' jaws dropped. They all thought they were real sapphires & as far as I'm concerned, they are real!
Thank you Heavenly Necklaces!

LD, June 2015
Just to say I recently bought one of the little "diamond" pendants for my daughter as a present for just being wonderful and she "loves it". Now, this praise is a BIG thing from her as she is not a "jewellery person" and has even let the piercings in her ears heal. To be honest, I believe that she is a changeling as I am a complete jewellery-a-holic and a huge fan of anything sparkly and classy. However, little by little I aim to convince her, with your help, of the wondrousness of good quality jewellery-together we have made a good start!

LS, June 2015
Just went to the post to pick these up. I felt sure I was going to like them but that isn't the case - I LOVE them! They are better than "fabulous"! Stupendous, drop dead cool, knockouts is more accurate.
These ear cuffs look like 18k white gold & diamond and the workmanship is excellent. They are a substantial piece of ear jewelry but are delicate all at the same time. IMO, they are elegant and modern and my only regret is that I didn't buy two pairs before they sold out again!

LA, Boston USA, June 2015
I just wanted to let you know that the pink, blue, and clear detachable drops with the narrower loops at the top arrived this afternoon, and they're wonderful! They fit on my hoops, and they're just beautiful! Everyone in Boston will be asking me where I got them. Thank you so much!

CH, Australia, June 2015
I've ordered a few times from you guys now and not only is the service faultless, but your jewellery is to die for! Thanks for sourcing such beautiful pieces.

CA, Australia, June 2015
The latest delivery arrived today and the items are stunning. I especially love the 'diamond' studs - even more like the real thing than the real thing!
I can't wait for my next order...I just need to decide what to choose (the hard part). I LOVE your jewellery!

AH June 2015
They are here! Studs straight in and I love, thank you! X

'M' June, 2015
Just received my new 'sapphire' drop cluster earrings and I'm bowled over by how gorgeous they are!   Plus, European delivery was super-speedy, too.
Thank you for another great product and brilliant service!

Anon by request! June, 2015
Please forgive my rudeness and be assured I will continue to buy your beautiful jewellery. Thank you for your kindness and understanding.  I let the rude b!tch that resides inside us all out by accident ;)

JD, May 2015
Not only is my order shipped - it's delivered!  As always a wonderful service from Heavenly Necklaces and a stunning product.

EF, May 2015
Outstandingly fast and efficient service!

LS, April 2015
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and for answering my question. (Your great customer service reviews are accurate!) I can't wait to recieve the ring!

LG March 2015
The Service I have received from your company has been nothing short of outstanding.

SW, February 2015
I just wanted to thank you for sending the two rings.  They absolutely blew me away.  They are SO realistic everyone at work thinks my husband is a millionaire and incredibly generous - oh if they only knew the truth!!!   If I told them they weren't real they wouldn't believe me!!    Absolutely beautiful - both of them. 

MB, February 2015
Just received my new amethyst and citrine drops for huggies and absolutely love them. I wear my green amethyst ones all the time, and as soon as I saw the new gemstones available I just had to order.So pleased with these! So elegant, sparkly and classy. Looking forward to (hopefully!) more colours to be added.
Thank you from a very happy repeat customer,
CJ February 2015
Just received my citrine drops for huggies - absolutely love them.  These detachable drops are sooo versatile - I'm building up a collection. Many thanks!

RR January 2015
I have received yesterday the order placed on Sunday evening. I wasn't expecting to receive it so soon so it has been a nice surprise. Your jewellery is as always just stunning, especially the diamond stud earrings, they look real!

JP January 2015
Received my rings and was over the moon with them.
They are both so bright and go together well. My husband thinks they are great. Wore them out and people were staring at them as they are so bright and look so luxurious and worth so much more. Going to have a look to see what else I want. Once again thank you for such great quality.

DL January 2015
I just wanted to say that I received my order today (the famous Kate pearl and diamond drop earrings and the emerald-cut sapphire and diamond ring) and I love both items! They are really really nice, and I will get much pleasure out of wearing them. This, from someone who always swore she would never wear fakes! But they are very tasteful and convincing. I'm converted!

ET January 2015
First of all thank you for such lovely customer service.  I don't think I've dealt with a company before that kept me so informed about my purchases and assisted in such a helpful way.  It was a pleasure to shop with you.
I was genuinely surprised to have received my orders so soon.
Secondly - the earrings I ordered are stunning - all 4 pairs.
The Square Cut Ruby and Diamond  are just so elegant and classy - they look effortless and timeless - absolutely beautiful.
The 'Pearl and Diamond' are just beautiful - even my husband commented how real they look - I can't wait to wear them - the picture doesn't so them justice.
The Super Stud - this is a gift for my mum and I know she'll just love them - i can't believe how genuine they look - such a sparkle!
Blue Topaz Stud - again a present for my best friend - she has a blue topaz cocktail ring that was passed to her from her late great Aunt and it will compliment her piece beautifully - such a perfect size stud!
Thank you again for such great service and some fabulous pairs of earrings.

CH December 2014
Thank you, thank you. My Trilogy CZ ring arrived today. What service! I thought it would take longer to get to Spain especially at this time of year. It is so sparkly but blinding when I am in the sun. WOW. I shall be back

DS December 2014
I have just received my 3rd purchase in as many weeks, one is a Christmas gift, the others are for moi!
I cannot express how pleased I am with all my purchases. I mix and match with 'real' jewellery so much that I cannot tell the difference.
Only a few of my friends know my little secret. Your customer service and efficiency is second to none, so thankyou for all your hard work.
Merry Christmas x

 J December 2014
Thank you so much! I bought some items from you at the Bank of England fair and one was the "diamond pendant" I loved the chain so much that I wanted one just to wear on its own on occasions when I don't want a pedant! All the things I have bought from you in the past I wear nearly every day and everyone thinks they are real !

December 2014
Just to let you know I have received my bracelet and what can I say but WOW.  It is absolutely beautiful.  It will be my silver wedding anniversary next week, so I hope to be going somewher nice where I can show off my lovely bracelet.  Thank you so much for all your help

JK October 2014
I just looove my floating diamond heart earrings and the bracelet and I can't wait for the next lot of heavenly jewellery.

PM October 2014
Thank you for your brilliant service. Thrilled with both the items.

VH October 2014
My order arrived today and the items are perfect!   

C, September 2014
Classic Diamond Studs
These are simply gorgeous.  As sparkly as the real thing and totally believable.  I went for the 6.5mm size and I'm confident I can get away with it!  These will be my 'wear every day' earrings from now on.

DM, May 2014

I got the multi gem necklace today and I love it !  Real beauty.

Thanks for your excellent service.  I will sure be back soon for another purchase

E, May 2014
Dear Belinda
Where to start with the thank yous?

After sending in a first order I then placed a second one later in the day.  Thank you for refunding the second postage.  You didn't have to but I am very grateful, especially as I didn't ask or expect you to.

Thank you for the incredibly fast delivery.

Thank you for being a retailer whose descriptions and photographs are so accurate.  What I hoped I was buying in terms of quality, design and detail was exactly what I got.  I am delighted with my purchases.

I will, no doubt at all, buy from you over and over again and my friends will become bored with my recommendation.

As an aside: my daughter is getting married abroad in a few weeks.  I do not want to take my real jewellery with me as my insurers expect it to be worn all the time (sunbathing and shopping in my best jewellery? Risk being mugged? I don't think so!).  I have looked high and low for some elegant costume jewellery that I can afford to lose/have stolen from my room safe, but most importantly resembled my real stuff and my style and looked 'real'.  
Heavenly Necklaces has been heaven sent for me.  Thank you so much.

FP, April 2014
The graduated necklace arrived on Saturday, absolutely fantastic, even better than anticipated. Looks so good it makes the real thing questionable!

DM, April 2014
I received my Galaxy Ring this morning and have to say its a perfect fit and looks lovely.
Thank you again for all your help and assistance in ordering me a bigger size.
You have a very happy customer.

LS, April 2014
I just recieved the items and wanted to write and say how lovely they all look. the rings even look as nice as my 'real' diamond engagement ring!
This is my first purchase from you, which was made based on a friend's recommendation, and I am sure it will not be my last.

SK, March 2014
Hello dear folks, I received my opaque green faceted earrings recently and want to say they are simply fabulous. (looks like I purchased them at the right moment as I see they are now out of stock.) This is my second purchase from Heavenly Necklaces and is not likely to be my last. Your jewelry is top notch and your service is brilliant

JB, March 2014
I ordered the studs with the detachable pearls plus a pair of detachable pearls on gold plated hoops. I was impressed that they were delivered the day after I ordered them. The faux diamonds are lovely, very sparkly and really do look like the real thing! The pearls have a lovely luminance to them.  I am very pleased  with my order and thank you for bring so efficient.

LD, February 2014
Having recently purchased the earrings (delicate and gorgeous) I just had to have the bracelet and necklace as well...oh my...they are so beautiful together!

I priced up similar pieces in an independent jeweller in my local city and I would have been paying nearly £5000 for the set. In my opinion these are just as good and I'm not scared to wear them!

This is becoming quite an addiction...

AS, February 2014
This ring has a special enchantment all it's own!  It is so beautifully made and has a lovely way of sliding onto the finger, fitting perfectly.  The sparkle is exactly right .. seriously eye catching in a good way .. but it's the way it's grown on me that I can't explain.  There really is something quite magical about it, tapping into a a lavish jewellery tradition from opulent times.  I can't help feeling it was a tiara in an earlier incarnation.  MANY thanks for suggesting it, HUGE thanks in fact.

EM, February 2014
Just to say  a huge thank you I received my rings this morning .... Amazing as I only ordered yesterday afternoon.
Thank you again for your prompt service and amazing rings.

SK, February 2014
Just wanted to let you know I received the earrings this morning and they are really lovely.  Very delicate and just the right size and very authentic looking, keep up the great work its nice to have a variety of real and fake diamonds, wear them together and you really can't tell the difference!

JH, January 2014
Dear Heavenly Team
Just a quick note to say thank you for dispatching my order so promptly - it arrived in less than 24 hours! I am absolutely delighted with the two pairs of earrings I chose and am already compiling a wish list for future purchases! Your superb service, style and quality mean that I will be back before too long!
With kind regards from a very happy customer

EB, January 2014
You couldn't have been more helpful re my rushed request for three pairs of  pearl and diamond pairs of earrings!   And they arrived early this morning - wow !!  The quickest mail order delivery I have ever known ...Efficiency at its absolute best ! 
The earrings are beautiful , and individually packaged in sweet little presentation gift pouches.
I know that my daughter will be delighted with them for the bridesmaids.

G G, Ireland, January 2014
I just wanted to let you know that my parcel arrived today – everything is perfect and beautiful as expected. I especially love your new little customised bags – they’ll be a lovely addition to my jewellery boxes! Many thanks for all your assistance with this and your customer service is certainly first class!

Anon, December 2013
Dear Team,
My jewellery arrived today and I am delighted with it all and thanks again to Belinda for kindly swapping my solitaire ring for one with a smaller stone.  It is PERFECT!
Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year and may HN continue to flourish.
RS, December 2013
I have now received my Non-drop Drops, thank you - they are lovely.  Perfect for daytime to evening as you describe!  They are lovely and light, noticeable and believable (plenty of sparkle with not too large stones as to look fake!).  Even with very small earlobes as I have, these earrings are light and comfortable enough to wear all day and evening - the Brilliant! earrings are also light enough to be worn occasionally for day to evening, but certainly comfortable for me to wear for nights out.  The earring backs on the Non-drop Drops arrived in perfect condition and are nice and secure - great sized backs too, which helps hold the earrings in place beautifully. Many thanks.

YF, December 2013

I had to write to convey my gratitude to all concerned regarding the stunning jewellery I bought from you last week - your Pearl and Diamond Earrings 'the famous ones!' My daughter's wedding was going to be in a few days but I ordered them online and put a special request in to have them delivered in time. Almost immediately I received a reply from Olga telling me they will sent that day by special delivery and I should get them the following day, which I did.
Not only are they even more beautiful than described and pictured, I would like to express my thanks for the fabulous service I received from you. I have recommended you to all my friends and I personally will be buying from you again! Thank you so much. Mother of the Bride

SB, November 2013
whoooo hoo it has arrived and it is ‘the business’  thank you for such a speedy and great service. I shall wear it with my mink coat, I tell everyone it’s not real – but it is...the coat)! and I tell everyone the rings is real – but it isn’t! Style over substance, that me!  love it  xxxx 

FM, Botswana, October 2013
Thank you. Order received in good condition! Beautiful!!

We have had to temporarily disable all product reviews as we were having some technical problems with them. So here they all are from December 2013:

03.09.13 - Heavenly Floating Diamond Heart Earrings - Beautiful little diamonds move around in side the earing frame, really pretty and light to wear, so like the Chopard floating diamonds but without the price-tag.  I was lucky enough to have the pendant as well and that is perfect,I can wear just the earrings on their own (classic with a LBD) with the pendant and it does not look over the top, I am very pleased with my purchases.

22.08.13 - Pearl and Diamond Earrings - I expected that these earrings are beautiful but honestly I was suprised HOW beautiful they are. I really really love them and for sure I will order other products!

23.06.13 - Three Diamonds Trilogy Ring - This ring is beautiful.  My friend has a similar ring that is real and the stones looked identical to hers. So much so that she thought her fiance had bought her an imitation ring.  Sizing was perfect.  I love this ring.

24.05.13 - Pearl and Diamond Earrings - I first saw these earrings on Catherine, Dutchess of Cambridge in a magazine.  Then I heard HN carried the very same pair.  I emailed my request expecting to get a 'no' we don't have them in stock.  However, they found me a pair, and shipped them right away.  That was great, however, the best surprise was when they arrived and I saw how beautiful they are!  Thank you so much for such excellent customer service, and for making wonderful jewerly pieces such as these earrings.  I LOVE them!!

23.05.13 - Cluster Ring - Huge and sparkling. High quality.  Check out the dimensions.  A bargain, too.

12.05.13 - Classic Victorian Engagement Ring - My boyfriend proposed and we are not well off, I didn't want him to spend money on a ring that I didn't like and didn't want to wear even though it was real so I picked this one out and I have written it all day everyday for the past 6 months, I absolutely love it and it looks as gorgeous as the day I got it. I'm thrilled with it and couldn't have a nicer engagement ring.

07.05.13 - Art Deco Circles Ring - I like this ring and it is a good fit.I do think the silver around the back of the ring could be thicker.I loved the look of the ring on the website, but in reality it looks too sparkly and a lot cheaper than I expected.Although for the money it is a good costume piece for a party.

06.05.13 - Sapphire Cluster Oval Studs - Another great purchase from this company.  They are slightly larger than I had imagined but they are great earrings and very realistic.  

06.05.13 - Solitaire Drop Earrings - I love these earrings - wear them with everything at any time of the day or night.  They are simple but stunning and look amazing.  My fave earrings ive bought so far

19.04.13 - Perfect Single Diamond Pendant - This is a lovely piece of wearable jewellery. I received it a week ago (a little present from me to me)and haven't taken it off since. The size is utterly believable and one of the great things about it is the  clasp doesn't swing around to hassle the pendant, so you aren't constantly fiddling with the piece to get the clasp in the correct position; neither does it snag your hair, so no annoying little tugs as you twist your head to show off your gorgeous little solitaire. I'm now planning on buying the emerald cut one!

10.04.13 - Classic Sapphire Victorian Engagament Ring - I love this, have bought this and the circular blue stoned stud earrings.  The ring is very pretty and sparkling and a really good compliment to the tanzanite bracelet I have already.  Im really looking forward to wearing it

02.04.13 - Embellished Solitaire Pendant - This is a very pretty and convincing piece, I love wearing it and it "passes".  I have an authentic single carat diamond pendant but this looks so good Im totally happy to wear it without worry.  Highly recommend it

02.04.13 - Gemstone Pendant on Pearls - I have bought several pieces from the collection but this is the first which include pearls.  I have the pearl and topaz and am very happy with it.  The pearls alone are a discrete option for daytime and with the pendant added makes a great change. I am very tempted to go for the gray pearls next!

02.04.13 - Art Deco Circles Ring - I have an Art Deco ring thats very very similiar to this, and difficult to tell at first glance.  I love the freedom of wearing this one as I dont have to worry about it but yet it totally looks right. Since I travel a lot thats a complete relief

29.03.13 - Pearl and Diamond Earrings - I adore these earrings.  Perfect for day or evening - they add elegance to any outfit.  Great, quick and efficent service.  

05.03.13 - The Anna Ring - I have had several Rings and Earrings from Heavenly Necklaces and the name says it ALL.....all who see the Ring's...yes Ring's as I have a weakness for them!!!...all go "WOW"Wonderful quick delivery and Fabulous girlies wait no longer just "Go for It" and "Sparkle" Everyday...ENJOY!! Tups xx Somewhere in UK!!    

03.03.13 - Pearl and Diamond Earrings - I expected to be disapointed but happly it was the way 'round - I'm thrilled with these. They're real looking, and very tasteful for daytime as well as evening. Fast shipping to the USA. Would not wear them with the same pendant (too matchy-matchy for me) but will order other products for sure.

24.02.13 - Pearl and Diamond Earrings - I first saw these earrings on the Duchess of Cambridge (Princess Kate) and thought they looked so elegant when she was on the balcony at the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Well when they arrived I was right - they are very elegant and look really lovely with my hair up. They are beautifully made and I love them so much that I ordered the pendant to match them which is equally beautiful. They are both stunning and so glad I ordered them. Thank you so much for lovely quality jewellery.

22.02.13 - The Chloe Ring - Love, love, love this ring. Received it this afternoon and it's beautiful. My sister has a real diamond version of this ring. You can't tell the difference. This is the first of many purchases I will make from Heavenly Necklaces.

07.02.13 - Classic Square Cut Engagement Ring - Fantastic service quick delivery and great packaging when i opened it wow it is so realistic would defantly buy from this site again

05.02.13 - Classic Square Cut Engagement Ring - I bought the classic square cut engagement ring as sort of present for myself for the new year.  I think it's simply beautiful!! The size is perfect as well and my girlfriends are so jealous!!

30.01.13 - Kiss Earrings - I love this earring!Get lots of compliments from friends.You could wear it either casual or dress so I use this almost everyday now!

30.01.13 - Three Diamonds Trilogy Ring - After receiving the product,I realized it's too big for me.I sent them a e-mail,and they replied within 5minues!!They kindly exchanged to my size and sent it to Germany really quickly.Very impressed with them!

30.01.13 - Embellished Solitaire Pendant - Love it love it!! It shines like a real one...My husband asked me if it's a real diamond!

25.01.13 - Fine Eternity Ring - I've owned the ring now for weeks and love it. It's very delicate and can be used as a stacking ring or on its own.Highly recommended.

09.01.13 - Classic Diamond Studs - I am thrilled with the diamond studs (6.5mm).  No one will ever know these are fabulous fakes instead of the real diamonds. I love them! I will never buy the real thing again.Thank you to Kate Duchess of Cambridge, without you I would never have known of Heavenly Necklaces.  

09.01.13 - 3.5mm Round Stone Tennis Bracelet - I gasped with delight when I opened the pack (I ordered this bracelet along with 2 pair of earrings)  I had been worried the bracelet would looke "fake".  I was worried is beautiful and very realistic.  Only a jeweller would know the difference.Thank you Heavenly Necklaces.

09.01.13 - Sapphire Cluster Oval Studs - I gasped with delight when I opened the pack.  I love them!  They are so realistic, I will never buy the real thing again.Thank you Heavenly Necklaces.

04.01.13 - Sapphire Cluster Oval Studs - Wow - these are the most amazing earings!! I have a real sapphire and diamond ring this shape and you really cannot tell the difference! How very clever - thank you to Heavenly Necklaces for this inspirational jewellery idea!

22.12.13 - Cluster Ring - Just bought this for myself as a graduation present and am not disappointed. It fits well, is very comfortable and does not overwhelm my smallish hands. I've also received many compliments on it and will be recommending the site and also buying more high quality 'bling' for those special occasions.

16.12.13 - 4mm Round Stone Tennis Bracelet - I took my bracelet to Grays Antique Market in London to have a few stones taken out as it was too long for me and the Jeweller there told me it was "exquisite" and you couldnt tell the difference between it and the real thing. She said it was a million miles away from costume jewellery but "fine jewellery" in its own right.  
Unsolicited testimonials....
October 2013,MH
Thank you so much Belinda, ring received and as beautiful as expected from your company.

October 2013 AP
Many thanks for the swift delivery  of my lovely Aqua Chalcedony necklace.
I just want to let you know how much I enjoy receiving your little packages.  Everything is so beautifully and carefully wrapped and then inside is the lovely treasures that I ordered.  

September 2013 ES, Malaysia
Just received my ring within 3 days overseas; WOW! thats speedy delivery! This is my first fashion jewelry item. I always buy the real deal and so does my BF. I was quite scared it wouldn't be so nice as my real pricey jewelry items.  But o, boy your ring is massive and fabulous! 

August 2013 AD
I just had to say how amazed and impressed I am with your service.
Yesterday I emailed you as I was having difficulty accessing your web page,did what you told me to do
and then ordered the cluster ring and pearl drop earrings.
They have just arrived at 8.30 a.m.(next day)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful----- as are the ring and earrings.
Thank you from a very satisfied customer.
Kind regards

August 2013 CM
My husband bought me the large baguette eternity ring and I love it! It is beautiful and sparkly and I am so pleased.
Thank you very much for sending it out so quickly. I look forward to ordering other items from you.

August 2013 VP

Wow  - I wish I'd bought this sooner - its absolutely gorgeous! I will be back as soon as I can make up my mind what to purchase next!

I'm going to wear it every day in place of my original engagement ring as I'm super paranoid about losing my ring on a dog walk or in the garden, it looks fab and hopefully it will stand up to the rigors of daily life on my fingers !

August 2013 JS
"I just received my very first order from Heavenly Necklaces and I am more than excited....both with their product and their promptness. Shhh....don't tell too many about them....We don't want just anybody wearing their beautiful designs....DO WE?!"

August 2013 AF
Hello,firstly many thanks for the prompt despatch of two rings I have recently purchased from you. They are both of the Guinevere Ring design,and very beautiful! ...  With many thanks and kind regards...

August 2013 JS
I wanted to let you know that my order arrived safely and in a timely manner.  The earrings are beautiful.

August 2013 FS
Thrilled with earings, thanks!

July 2013 EH
Hi, they arrived today. So pleased, they are gorgeous. Will definitely be buying from heavenly necklaces again

July 2013 SSC
Just to let you know that the necklace has arrived safely. Looks lovely and I hope my niece likes it!  Many thanks for a superb service.

July 2013, SK in Poland
I received my Yellow Diamond ring a week ago - absolutely love at first sight! :)
Thanks so much for your kindness and help!

LP, June 2013
Thank you thank you thank you for my beautiful drop earrings, they match my necklace perfectly

A, June 2013
Well, it truly IS a heavenly ring!
I am so glad I changed my mind and indeed took your advice about the size. My beautiful ring arrived yesterday and I fell in love with it instantly - a brilliant fit too.
Thank you once again for your help.

LM, June 2013

Just to say I am so happy with my new ring and earrings and will be ordering the half eternity ring today.
Many thanks for your great service.
NA, U.K June 2013
Earrings safely received thank you. They are exactly what I was looking for. Thrilled ! Thank you so much. 

MF, MAY 2013
While doing a Google Image Search of pearl and diamond drop earrings I came across photos of the Duchess of Cambridge wearing your earrings. I was looking for real diamonds and pearls but I fell in love with this pair and eventually ordered them when I couldn’t find a similar style from a fine jewelry retailer. I just received them today in Boston, Massachusetts. I’m amazed at how fast they arrived and how lovely they are. Absolutely no one will guess that they are very lovely costume pieces. Now I’ve got my eye on one of your beautiful cocktail rings as a future purchase. Many thanks. I will look forward to wearing these on my wedding day.  

DR, May 2013
I must tell you how much I adore my diamond pendant and also the trilogy ring, they are so beautiful and I wear both every day.

SM, May 2013
I just wanted you to know that the Tennis bracelet has arrived safe and well in Italy. Dreamy!

I've recently ordered a lot of stuff from you, some for gifts, some for me so I don't have the panic of losing a truly sentimental precious stones in gifts from my husband (which I did a couple of years only to find 6 hours later). It can now all stay safe in the safe! And I still have lovely jewels to wear!

All your stuff is fab, but the Tennis Bracelet is exceptional and I feel guilty I ordered that for myself - BUT hey I will enjoy it.

LC April 2013
Thanks a lot, have just bought them.   You have all been so helpful will always recommend you and it has been a pleasure to deal with you.  Just have to be patient now for the earrings to arrive!

PS, March 2013
Just to say I received the eternity ring today that I ordered and I am thrilled with it. This is the second item I have ordered from you and I can not get over how authentic the jewellery looks it is impossible to tell the difference from the real thing.

I will be continuing to buy in the future - love!!!

Anon, March 2013

I ordered and received four items from you as of late, and am just writing to say how utterly thrilled I am with them. I am in academia and my own specialist study is jewellery. In light of this, I am rather picky about what I wear and generally do not ever wear anything except the real thing. Heavenly necklaces has altered my opinion on this however, as I am now happily wearing your faux diamonds mixed in with my own diamond items. Indeed, I have two very expensive rings that actually look somewhat faded in comparison to the gleem of your jewellery. I would highly recommend your services to anyone, and just wanted to express my delight with the items in question, which are basically indistinugishable from the real thing. Have a feeling that this is the start of an ongoing relationship, as I will most certainly be purchasing from you again.

DP Malta and UK
Just received my rubover CZ diamond stud earrings and I am delighted.  They are perfect to complement my 'diamonds by the yard' bracelet. Thank you for the fast and efficient service.  Looking forward to ordering from you again in the future.

AS, March 2013
Oooooohhhh it's gorgeous and sparkles....many many thanks

RS, United States, March 2013

I received my oval earrings this afternoon in the post, and they are just what I wanted.  Not only do they look good, they feel good as well! I have white hair and blue eyes and already love them. I will be able to wear them with many things.

EL, Canada, February 2013
Thank you so much! I'm loving your jewellery!

AS, February 2013
Last year I received one of your Yellow Diamond Rings, I have been so pleased I wear it quite often and am always complimented – AND it has not tarnished, it still looks as good as new!

IW, February 2013
Earrings arrived today and they are absolutely gorgeous and I am sure my daughter will be delighted with them as her birthday gift. Thank you very much for such a fast and efficient service

Mr W, February 2013
Just to let you know how pleased we are with the ear rings and your professional and prompt service.

RJ, Indonesia, February 2013
The diamond stud I ordered came earlier than expected by two weeks (usually it takes 4 weeks for registered post to get delivered), one day before Chinese New Year! I was so happy and they really sparkle! They shine more brightly than our heirloom diamond jewelries. After losing many gold and diamond jewelries because of my own recklessness (we have a lot of domestic help working around the house), I almost never take out the real ones from the safe. You have changed that.

I can see that we (mother and I) to be ordering a lot from you.  Again, you really make nice jewelry.

JM February 2013
Just to say my galaxy ring arrived today and I am thrilled with it.  The diamonds look amazing its hard to believe its fake.
I am looking forward to my next purchase.

AM, January 2013
I have just received the embellished solitaire pendant and its divine.  It’s actually (don’t tell my other half)  nicer than my original.  The tiny diamonds above the solitaire just gives it a wonderful finish.  Can’t wait to wear it and  relax, knowing it both looks great and convincing and my original is safely tucked away.  This is the second piece I have ordered from you.

The only thing I would say to you is the photograph doesn’t do it justice at all on your web page.  Not sure if it is possible for you to post a better one, but if you can’t I would be tempted to explain in large letters, the pendent is soooo much better on than it photographs.
- We agree and are working on this! - Ed

JC, January 2013

 I am so very pleased with the necklace and bracelet.  When I opened the package I could not believe my eyes, they are absolutely stunning!

They are a great deal better than I had realised and I am sure I will have many happy hours wearing them.  

I had expected that I would only be able to wear them on grander occasions but these are so good I will want to wear them all the time.

LB, Canada, January 2013
I just received my "diamond and pearl drop earrings" today and they are absolutely exquisite. I absolutely love them. The 'diamonds' sparkle as well if not better than my real ones. Can't wait to make another purchase.

LR, January 2013
I just rec'd my order... OMG  absolutely beautiful.  I was a little apprehensive concerning the bracelet, I was worried it would look fake.  Absoultely no issue there.  It is gorgeous!   I love the earrings as well, I gasped when I opened the packages.   thank you.  I will defintely be ordering the diamond collar for my wedding anniversary gift.

'L', New Zealand, January 2013
I have just received my rings I ordered and they are fabulous!!!!!  Beyond what I was expecting.  I will be back!!!  Also the speed with which they were delivered was incredible.
Thank you so much
SC, January 2013
"I received my necklace it....and to answer the question you asked someone else about signing for packages, yes I did have to sign for it. Also, I'm an ex-pat Brit and it was lovely to get a parcel with a British stamp on it - Happy Girl. :)

G, January 2013
This ring arrived today (amazingly fast service!!) and is simply spectacular!  I love it!

LM, January 2013
I just wanted to say that my boyfriend bought me a beautful teardrop necklace and earring set from you for Christmas and I absolutely love them! I've barely had them off since I got them. All my hinting must have worked :) Thanks again! x

MK, New York, January 2013
I received my purchases today and I absolutely love them. I especially love the earrings and the ring. Cannot wait to wear them. Thanks for the prompt service and quality products.

AM, January 2013
Just wanted to write you a quick note to say I received this morning the Fine Eternity Ring and Half Eternity Ring,  I love both. 
They are very convincing, particularly the half eternity ring, and I am happy to park my Victorian Heirloom which was my Husband's Great Grandmother's ring in the bank.  I'm much more comfortable and less worried wearing yours and very happy to do it as it’s a pretty convincing one.  Double bonus for me!
You have a new client and I will be ordering more pieces from you in the next few weeks, I have shared your site with some close friends so hopefully you will hear from them too.

K, January 2013
Happy New Year, I bought four of your necklaces and a couple of pairs of earings for Christmas presents and would now like to purchase for myself.
CH December 2012
Thank you for your speedy delivery at this busy time of year.  This was my first purchase from you after finding your website a couple of years ago.  I will definitely be making more purchases because of the quality is impressive.

RH, December 2012
"I took my bracelet to Gray's Antique Market in London to have a few stones taken out as it was too long for me and the Jeweller there told me it was "exquisite" and you couldn't tell the difference between it and the real thing. She said it was a million miles away from costume jewellery but "fine jewellery" in its own right."

PB, December 2012
I received my ring very promptly from Heavenly Necklaces and I absolutely love it. As a lover of aquamarine stones, this is perfect. It would be very difficult to distinguish this little ring from genuine diamonds and  aquamarines.

LA, November 2012

I collected my parcel today.  The earrings are exquisite and the ‘wave’ ring looks magnificent. I am so glad I found your business it gladdens the dark Cumbrian days.... I can’t wait to see the ring glinting in sunshine, maybe we will have some tomorrow if it doesn’t snow....

Anon, November 2012

Belinda I have just received my diamonds !! i am feeling rotten with a sore throat so it has really cheered me up since it fits perfectly !! I keep looking at it and shall wear it all day ..
All I need now is a man to go with it !

DM, October 2012

Got the lot!
Good grief they're hot,
but of them all,
the ring with sparkly fire-
My heart's desire...
It is the Real Thing

DS, October 2012

Just to let you know how pleased I am with my new tennis bracelet. My real one has given up the ghost and while deciding what to do about it and missing it very much, I took the plunge and ordered from you. It arrived in just over 24 hours and is gorgeous. I have started mixing fake and real gems and it really works well.

SB, October 2012

Thanks so much for speediness of delivery, magic must be your middle name. As ever; so very pleased with purchases.

In more detail, the Brilliant earrings are just exactly that. I had feared but not disclosed that I might appear like Bet Lynch/Pat Butcher in them, but they are sublime.

The concentric circles, which I had been lusting after for ages, are concentrically magnificent and appear huge on earlobe, which as you know, delights me further, whilst looking antique like new owner.

New circle pendant leaves me speechless, thank God, - I simply adore baguettes, one of my favourite settings, so more baguette stones please. Adorable necklace.

And as for Galaxy ring, well again have been eyeing it speculatively for weeks and weeks. Beyond gorgeous, just fabulousness and magnificence on finger. Looks more real than real. Design exquisite, the best of the best of the best of the best. Will wear it to Waitrose shortly.

Belinda I love you. I love your team, you have cheered me up beyond measure. I wish I’d never found you; will end up with everything.


LG, October 2012

Just a quick email to say thank you for the lovely necklace & earrings I have received for my wedding. Both are absolutely stunning & I cannot wait to wear them on my big day. The service provided has been fantastic & I very much look forward to purchasing lots more jewellery from you in future. Kindest regards,

PB, October 2012

I received my earrings today! They are so beautiful. I'm smiling! Oh my, they are lovely, gorgeous and I am so happy! Thank you very much for your loving workmanship.

MM, October 2012

Just sending a wee message to say we received the earrings and my mum is absolutely delighted with them! They are perfect.

JC, September 2012

Yesterday’s order has already arrived this morning and everything is absolutely beautiful. The quality is unbelievable for the £s, no wonder they are worn for state affairs. I am rather fond of jewellery and can rarely resist temptation. However I am sure my husband will be more than pleased to see my ever growing collection costing rather less than it usually does. With very many thanks


JS, London September 2012

I just wanted you to know that on Friday I received my beautiful necklace. The piece is simply stunning and I cannot wait to wear it. I checked out your new line and let me say this, you should refer to this as your ‘EX’ line. The earrings look ‘EX’pensive, ‘EX’travagant, ‘EX’quisite created with ‘EX’ceptional quality and every ‘EX’perience when wearing them will bring you nothing but ‘EX’cessive comments!

GJ, September 2012

My ring just arrived, thank you so much! I love it. Fits absolutely perfectly and its sparkling like crazy. You just made my week!

LL, September 2012

I just want to let you know I received the Pearl and Diamond earrings on Friday, August 31st and they're absolutely gorgeous! I read so many great reviews on the website, that I just had to see for myself, so I compared them to a pair of genuine diamond earrings I already own and I can't tell the difference.

SL, Germany, August 2012

Wowwwww the earrings are sooooo beautiful :-) Thank you soooo soooo much :-) yesterday, the earrings come by Post, very fast shipping:-) Thank you :-) Greets from Germany

AD, August 2012

"I have just read through the testimonials on your site as I wanted to add one of my own. I think for me, apart from the breathtaking beauty of this Art Deco ring, the whole experience of purchasing from you has been delightful. A completely personal service. For sure I had to wait 5-6 weeks or so for the ring but then I am not a standard size.

The item itself its beautifully crafted and the attention to detail is what distinguishes it from other "fake" diamond pieces. And the thrill of watching it catch the sunlight is an absolute joy. Cant you expand your range to include shoes, boots, make up, furniture, books, in fact everything I buy online - just to experience your customer service!

Many thanks and I am already choosing my next items which reluctantly will be gifts for my family and friends!"

SB, August 2012

First of all I thought, looking at all your warnings on website, warnings that change from time to time but are always dire, that a) you'd thrown my order away as far too busy to expedite b) if you hadn't thrown it away then I might receive the odd item from time to time over the next 6 months, if lucky, and c) frankly, are you as good as they say you are, highly unlikely, am very fussy, used to blending my real diamonds and pearls with the likes of QVC diamonique etc etc etc. Whilst trying not to mind too much.

Then someone just knocked on my door with the weeniest of parcels, light as air, thought it was empty. Opened it saw your label and thought here we go one item at a time, and is there really anything in the tissue paper as so light, and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of the items I ordered and truly, more wonderful in reality than my wildest imaginings. Pearl Kate earrings beyond fabulous and I adore them and the detail they are wrought in, my only complaint is I still don't look like Kate when wearing them. Can you try and do something about that please????????????

Snowflake pendant utterly amazing, delicate and looks completely authentic. Paris ring looks as though my grandmother has bequeathed me one of her precious heirlooms. And pearl clusters are gorgeous and just the perfect size. I love everything and you and your team are so clever. Don't know how you do it for the money (and no you can't increase your prices).

Now I know I can trust your brand more than I can trust myself this is obviously the first of many more orders. Cannot wait to see your new website and the new collections you promise. I do think current website does not nearly do you justice. Believe me when I say I am the fussiest of the fussiest of customers, and if there was an Olympic medal for fussiness I'd win the gold (ask my friends) and I cannot find anything to criticise about the 4 items I now have on my finger, round my neck and in ears. I know how busy you are Belinda and how lucky I am to receive everything so speedily. Cannot thank you enough. Would send photograph of myself wearing everything (different earring in each ear) but fear I would spoil your lunch and cause team to begin vomiting (me, not jewellery) Next order on its way shortly.

CJ, August 2012

I just wanted to take some time to say a very big thank you for such wonderful customer service! You have been a pleasure to purchase from and certainly go that extra mile for your customers.
I have been telling friends and family all about the website and have my very own wish list and will continue to keep treating myself aswell as my friends!

TG, August 2012

I just wanted to let you know I received my order for the above earings yesterday Fri Aug 10 12. I was so excited as it arrived a lot earlier which is fine by me. I must say the earings in person are more lovely in person. The internet picture does not do them any justice. I'm so pleased with these earings. And they feel fabulous when I had them on.

Again thank you for making a excellent product and very fast shipping and response to emails. I will be ordering more products in the near future. And I am going to tell everyone where to get them for themselves.

IC, August 2012

What service, my earrings arrived this morning safe and sound.....and what a delight they are. Thank you so much for not only your prompt service but for the whole manner in which you conduct your business....obviously your clients, whether new or established is what makes your business a teriffic going concern; keep up the good work.

Congratulations....if I could award you a gold medal I would. Kindest regards

JD, August 2012

Just a quick note to let you know that my items arrived today and they are absolutely gorgeous and well worth waiting for!

Many thanks. Hope all is going well and hope to purchase from you again..

CB, August 2012

Just to let you know my art deco pendant and ring arrived this morning . I'm thrilled with both items. I shall be wearing the pendant to my son's wedding next Easter. I'm looking to purchase other items Belinda ,is it a case of just waiting for website to be open again for orders ?

Can I just make a comment on your customer service too , it has been exemplary from start to finish . Such a breath of fresh air in this day of anonymity .

AC, July 2012

I have bought the earrings now and as a former ' Girl in Pearls' in The Lady magazine, I shall wear them with pride! I have always loved pearls -and I have boxes of jewellry- but my favourite will be these beautiful earrings! Thank you

PJ, July 2012

Just to let you know I received my order today, well worth waiting for. I am thrilled with my purchase. We have a special party to go to in September and I will wearing them then.

LJ, July 2012

Just received my necklace. Absolutely thrilled with it. I was looking at a much smaller version in a local jewellery shop which was retailing at £1500, so quite a saving. Could you please let me know when you are taking orders again, or is it simply a matter of keeping an eye on the website. Thanks once again

DT, July 2012

 Thank you for your fantastic speed and efficiency. The Tennis Bracelet arrived as promised today and is sparkling and wonderful. My Wife and I have always been keen tennis fans and her eighties idol was Chris Evert who always used to wear such a bracelet. She has wanted one ever since!!!
 I am sure she will be well pleased to have one herself at last and will wear it with pride and pleasure. The fact that you managed to get to it to us in time for her birthday tomorrow despite them being in high demand is fantastic. Thank you so much.
Update: She LOVES it!

'D', July 2012

Well what can I say , my pendant arrived this morning and it is just the most beautiful and elegant piece of jewellery I have ever seen, it looks gorgeous on the pearl rope it's presented on, but it looked even more sensational when I slipped it onto my white gold omega necklace, it immediately elevated it to stupendous!! So I am off now to browse your website yet again,explore it's treasures, and treat myself. 

'D', July 2012

Hello Belinda,
Received my pendant today ( so quickly ) it is stunning thank you, I have ordered the Amethyst pendant on pearls as before I don't care how long it takes 2 , 3 , 4 , months I just know it will be worth waiting for, and you won't hear a peep out of me.
Many thanks D

Steven and Jane Bates, July 2012

We received the earrings today and they are beautiful, they are all we hoped they would be, can't wait to give them to our Daughter on the eve of her wedding...

I will wait for the frenzy to die down and order some more Jewellery for our other Daughter's wedding in 2014 !

AD, July 2012

I have received the Pearl & Diamond Drop Earrings and they are beautiful and defininately worth the wait though I have received them sooner than I would have thought and a really good suprise. Cannot wait to wear them !

It was really nice of you to take time out to return my call last week and replying to all my emails and I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to you and your team even though you have been inundated with orders / requests / queries, you have retained communication with your customers / potential customers, kept them updated and this is a rare quality to your exemplary first class service.

I really appreciate you and your company and you are doing a real good job. Your products are so elegant, beautiful and made to a high quality.

BG, June 2012

My goodies arrived on Tuesday, June 19th in perfect condition. I am wearing the amethyst right now and and it is simply lovely! The concentric "diamond" circle necklace is just beautiful and I can barely wait to wear it. I'll look forward to hearing that you have restocked so I can order a few more "baubles", as my Grandmother liked to say! Thank you again!

'A', UK, June 2012

Received the parcel yesterday. The pendant is simply amazing it is more ' fine' than the image on your site and even more bright. So is the ring. When are you open for new orders?

JF Hants UK, June 2012

I wanted to say thank you for the absolutely beautiful concentric necklace I received today. It is so stunning I have taken off a Tiffany necklace (which I normally wear 24/7) and replaced it with yours. That says it all really! It will be the first purchase of many from you. Your website was a real find.

ML USA, June 2012

I just wanted to let you know that I received both of my items I've ordered, and they are both so beautiful! You are right, the picture of the Cluster Ring doesn't do it justice, it's just stunning. Thank you so much for your customer service and the quality of your products, they are both outstanding. I know you are still trying to get orders out, so I want to wish you all the best with your family and your business. From a very satisfied customer in the USA

JC Boston USA, June 2012

I just wanted to send good wishes your way since I saw a very interesting peice about you on Fox News here in the USA this morning. I know you are wonderfully discreet, but wanted you to know how lovely it was to see you mentioned and your wonderful and beautiful peices . it feel delicious to know I have a couple of these heavenly peices and that they are being enjoyed, it seems, within the Royal family. I hope this gets more people looking and enjoying your quite enchanting peices and wonderful customer service which is the best.

JH May 2012

The earrings have just arrived and they are stunning! They perfectly complement an emerald-cut diamond platinum ring that I recently inherited. I had been worried about finding appropriate earrings to wear with it and these are perfect. Thank you so much for your prompt response.

TP May 2012

The "Sparkler" has arrived and is on my finger as I type!!!!!...I LOVE it Belinda, and thank you So much......wait until Sarah sees this!!!!!!....

CF May 2012

I was going to wait until your return before emailing but I can't wait to tell you how amazing the necklace is!! i LOVE it!! it's so perfect, i still dont have my dress back to see if it matches but i dont think i care if it works or not i'm still wearing it!
i really must have a bracelet to match! getting married is just the best excuse to buy jewellery! Thank you so much for making such amazing pieces, there really isn't anywhere else that sells such lovely jewells.

SH May 2012

My week ended perfectly with arrival of the 'diamond' collar. It is fabulous, fabulous, fabulous and well worth the wait! Took me a couple of minutes to realise there was a right way of putting it on so that the 'diamonds' didn't tip over.

I know I am going to enjoy wearing it enormously as well as enjoying seeing people's reactions and them wondering "is it, or isn't it?"!!

Your customer service is exemplary and adds to the buying experience. Hope you have a sparkling bank holiday weekend.

JM May 2012

Many thanks. I'm really pleased with the circlet and the chain length is perfect.

SH April 2012

Just to let you know the 'diamond' studs have arrived - they are gorgeously stunning! I am going to be proud to give them as presents and they are going to be so well received. Thank you...

SG April 2012

The earrings arrived this morning and they are lovely. I am very pleased and look forward to ordering other pieces in the future. Thank you very much

BP April 2012

sorry not to email you earlier, I was dashing out of the door when the earrings arrived - they are lovely, thank you very much.

AM April 2012

Just to say the earrings have arrived safely. They look as good as the real thing. Thank you!

AL March 2012

Thank you for the pearl and amethyst pendant it is beautiful. It was an added bonus the pearl necklace I only expected the pendant. Added surprise it arrived on my birthday. Thanks again.

SB February 2012

My mum is sitting here with me with the beautiful ring on her finger. We are over the moon and cant thank you enough for all your help and patience.

KJR, February 2012

Thank you very much for the earrings! They are truly magnicifent! You are very talented!  You will never know how truly happy i am with them; they are fantastic!

SP February 2012

Just a quick message to say I'm delighted with the earrings.  Such a fantastic level of service - wow! What I really appreciate is that your jewellery is so well-made. The earrings have substantial posts, decent-sized butterflies and secure claws to anchor the stones - this is such an important detail. There is no pleasure in wearing "fake" pieces that are poorly made, poorly styled and totally unconvincing. Your jewellery is totally credible as the "real McCoy" - the other major factor in this being that you have chosen such classic styles in your range.

RW February 2012

Thank you so much Belinda the Floating Diamonds are stunning, all good wishes R

SH February 2012

I meant to email you last night to say I'm delighted with the concentrics! I'll be back for some more sparkle in due course...

AD February 2012

I received my ring and earrings yesterday. The ring is a perfect fit, thank you.

SB February 2012

Rings arrived today and they're lovely, thank you so much. What great service!! Will be in touch again soon!!

CD January 2012

The bracelet arrived this morning – it's lovely and thank you so much for getting it to me so speedily. My daughter will be amazed that I have actually managed to get something in time for her birthday this year – I am such a last-minute person but, thanks to you, I have made the deadline!

JK January 2012

My ring arrived today and it is fab!

PM January 2012

When I was looking for a bracelet for my daughter I saw the latest earrings on your web-site so left all the information in front of my husband and luckily 'Santa' bought me a pair for Christmas, I love them and have been asked several times a) Are they real? & b) where did you buy them? Your service is also superb so on many counts thank you very much. Just to say that the ear rings I ordered for my oldest daughter for Christmas were a HUGE success. Thank you so much Happy New Year!

DT January 2012

Just to say that the ear rings I ordered for my oldest daughter for Christmas were a HUGE success. Thank you so much Happy New Year!


AT December 2011

...the earrings have arrived and they're AMAZING! Thank you very much – now my husband doesn't have to "upgrade" my studs because I've done it for him! They look fantastic and have gone straight in my ears!

BS December 2011

We gave our Mother the three stone eternity ring on her 80th Birthday 26th Nov. She really loved it so much. It just made her special day extra sparkly. So thankyou very much !! I will be in touch in the new year as I feel the need to order something for myself !! Have a great Christmas & New Year

TJ December 2011

Necklace received - it's perfect. I'm going to an evening do abroad but didn't want the worry of travelling with diamonds, so this is the ideal solution because it looks just like the real thing! Thank you.

JS December 2011

I spoke to my brother yesterday and he had placed an order immediately on Monday and received it yesterday and was thrilled with the bracelet and earrings (and very impressed at the speed of the delivery!)

LB, November 2011

Hope you are well, cant believe it is nearly a year since I got my ring from you, still wear it daily, still as sparkly, as delighted with it as I was when I wore it the first time sledging!

LP, November 2011

Many thanks for your email, and the address below is fine for my order. I bought some jewellery from Heavenly last year, and wear them all the time! Looking forward to the next order.

EJ, November 2011

...just so you know, i spent a day in the spa at *** Park last week. Three ladies were discussing your fabulous gems by the pool - i googled you as soon as i got home - gorgeous stuff - can't wait to receive my order!!

RZ Delhi, India, October 2011

Received the parcel today. Many thanks. It's beautiful.

CC-E, October 2011

My ring arrived this morning and fits like a glove and I love it! Can't wait for the first person to notice it .... hee, hee!

KA, October 2011

Dear Belinda Just to let you know that the items arrived on Saturday morning. They are fabulous, I am very happy with them and will definitely be back for more. Kind regards KA

PC, October 2011

Hi - just wanted to say how much I love my new ring - it looks so lovely very sparkly and I can't stop admiring it! Very pleased I went for the sapphire one although I would love one in every colour really - but sadly that's not an option at the moment! Adore my earrings too. Thank you for your time.

KR, October 2011

Hi Belinda, Just wanted to let you know that I received my necklace today and it is BEAUTIFUL :) The quality is great, thank you so much. I cannot wait to wear it on my wedding day. I will definitely recommend you to friends. Regards K (A very happy Bride to be)

A.T., August 2011

Received necklaces today. Once again thank you so much. Will be worn lots in Dubai next week. Sure I'll be ordering more from you in the future. Xxx

W.A., August 2011 (tennis bracelet especially made to 16cm)

Just received the Tennis Bracelet, thank you it fits perfectly and will do exactly what I want it to do .....add a little sparkle! Thank you again for your excellent service. Its been a pleasure

H.B., August 2011 (ring size R+)

Thank you very much for forwarding the rings and earrings today. My mother is thrilled with the ring and it fits over her knuckle beautifully. It was very kind of you to have gone to so much trouble to help both of us.

S.M., August 2011

Re: Earrings
They have just this minute arrived, thank you, I am delighted with them.

W.A., August 2011

Would just like to say thank you for such a speedy service in getting my Earrings and Pendant to me. They arrived on Thursday morning last week! I was shocked. Thank you ever so much they are lovely and just what I was looking for. I am now excited and looking forward to seeing my special 16cm Tennis Bracelet when it arrives in a few weeks time.

E.M., July 2011

Just wanted to let you know that I've received the stunning necklace this morning and I'm absolutely thrilled! Thank you so much for your excellent customer service, extremely fast postage and exceptional jewellery. I am so much looking forward to wearing this on my wedding day!

J.N.., July 2011

Just returned from holiday to find the earrings. They look great and are much loved already.

B.S., July 2011

I have just received my sparkly ring !!! It looks exactly how I hoped it would . It was well worth the wait - I will be placing another order shortly !

Mr K.R., July 2011

Just to let you know the ring was a great success.thanks for your help.



J-A M, May 2011

My order arrived before 10 am on Wednesday. I am very pleased with all 4 items I ordered and I am sure I will be ordering from you again. Many thanks for your excellent service.

JW, May 2011

Thank you so much for sending off the ring so quickly. I've been away for a few days and to my delight it was waiting for me when arrived home last night. Its perfect!  It looks wonderful next to Granny's old sapphire & diamond eternity ring!

JC, Boston USA, May 2011

Thank you so much for the lovely ring. I know I am going to enjoy it. it is enchanting. The service I got from you duing the order process for my particular size was so exceptional, it made the whole process such a pleasure.... Thinking already about my next purchase.

Having this piece from England here in Boston, so beautifully sold and the care you took to make sure I had it just right is so rare today. WIshing you a lovely day. Will definitely be back for more from your very beautiful range.

MS, April 2011

Thank you for the earrings which arrived today, they are just wonderful, It was just like Christmas, I couldn't wait to open the package!

MS, March 2011

Dear Belinda My beautiful earrings arrived today and I am more than delighted, they are just perfect! Thank you so much for sending them so quickly. Best wishes MS

Katie, March 2011

Ooppps, been meaning to email for ages, love the ring, haven't taken it off! Kx

CM, February 2011

Wow - thats all i can say! so pleased with the jewellery Belinda, it is exactly what i was looking for, better infact! the earrings and bracelet match in perfect and the 9 diamonds looks gorgeous! So pleased - thanks for all your help.

Sheila, February 2011

Just wanted to tell you about my friend's son. He bought his girlfriend an engagement ring which cost more than her new mini. I showed her my rings and she was amazed, couldn't tell the difference. Just shows how good they are, but you and I know that already.

CM January 2011

I was working away at my desk - and then the postman comes - hurrah!! I love everything!! How brilliant are the two in one earrings - I love them!!

JW, 18th December 2010

I would like to thank you for the amazing service you have provided. I am still waiting for goods ordered 2-3 weeks ago from different online retailers but 'your' bracelet has arrived with me TWO days after having placed the order.  Thankyou thankyou thankyou !!
Have a wonderful Christmas

CB December 2010

Thank you so much for all your help with my dilemma. Your incredible customer service plus beautiful designs means I will definitely be buying a lot more pieces from your stunning collection in the future!

SS, August 2010

Hello, Just a quick email to say I received earrings this morning in the mail. I am absolutely delighted with them and look forward to placing further orders in future and also recommending you to others. Again, very many thanks. Kind regards.

AA, August 2010

Hi Belinda! I just wanted to let you know the ring had arrived - very prompt service, thank you - and that I love it. I will definitely be recommending your site to my friends and family and am already planning my next purchase!

July 2010, BL in the UK with a serious deadline...

Hi, just to let you know we got them today. I thank you for your help and will pass on your site details to all my (male) freinds, as I am certain they too will love it!!   PS my wife says Hi and she just LOVES them.  You may use any of my emails as a support to both your excellent service, communication and not forgetting your exquisite products.

May 2010, RA, Portland, USA

Belinda, I've just received my necklace. It is absolutely fabulous. Brilliant job. I love it with all my heart. Thank you very much. Best wishes, R

February 2010, PG (the most beautiful bride) Australia and London
Wedding jewellery

diamond cz jewellery bridal imitation diamond necklace earrings

March 2010, GS

Hi Belinda , wow what quick and efficient service ,thank you and even bigger wow how wonderful these rocks are perfect for when I'm out instead of my real ones , which although may not stop me from being mugged as they are gob smacking ! I am going to find out my mothers size and get some for her too ! They are fabulous ! Many thanks

March 2010, Imitation diamond wedding jewelry to the USA

Received the earrings yesterday and just wanted to say thank you - they are lovely and just the perfect bridal jewelry for my wedding day!  Great gifts for the flower girls, too!

March 2010, HF, UK

My 2 eternity rings arrived as promised yesterday….thanks! They have received their first compliment this afternoon!!!! How's that?  I owned up (why can't we English take a compliment?) and will be forwarding your website on, next job!!  I was wearing one either side of my wedding band….blingtastic!!!!! Well that's not fair they are v tasteful. Out with girlfriends tonight so will see what they think. Keep up the good work and I will keep an eye on the site!

PS My husband's seen them now and is laughing all the way to the bank!!!!

February 2010, Mr O

Hi Belinda Just wanted to say she absolutely loves the ring, best money I have ever spent! She has been showing it off to all her mates and even put it as her profile picture on her Facebook!! You may be getting a few more orders from the Bristol/Weston area!! Kind Regards

February 2010, CG, UK

The beautiful pearls have arrived........thank you. You are a pleasure to deal with, thanks again ........ until next time!

I recently got married in Australia; I had 6 bridesmaids and myself to find jewellery for and I didn't have thousands of pounds to spend doing so! My bridesmaids were wearing sapphire coloured dresses so I wanted to find something to wear for myself that would match their dresses. I contacted Heavenly Necklaces (Belinda Hadden) and told her what I was looking for. She took some of her classic designs and adapted them to match my requirements, I was so impressed with what I received, that I then bought 7 of the Diamond Pendant necklaces, one for each bridesmaid and of course one for me because it matches my engagement ring so well and I love it so much. Not only that I then bought 2 pairs of the Glorious Deco Drop earrings for my mother and my mother in-laws thank you presents. I got so many amazing comments on the day and continue to get compliments when I wear them out. Heavenly Necklaces / Belinda's items are amazing and I am now a loyal customer, so much so I recently bought 2 more Diamond Pendants for gifts for friends, soon all my friends will be wearing her things as gifts from me!

Bridal jewellery fake diamond cz necklace earrings


From The Daily Mail, You Magazine; Top Tip for people whose ear lobe piercing has stretched from wearing heavy earrings.

February 2010, BL

I have just received my order and am so pleased with the jewellery. They all look so real I have compared the earrings and ring to my real diamonds and can't tell the difference. I wanted some drop diamond earrings like the ones I bought from you and they were so similar, the only difference being yours were £38, the others were £6000. They are amazing, I will continue to buy from you in future. The delivery was so quick too, I'm very happy and so is my Bank.

February 2010, SP, Suffolk

I have just placed an order for some "diamond" stud earrings and some pink pearl drops.  I look forward to receiving them, I love your jewellery and have had SO many comments about the rings I have bought from you in the past!

January 2010,IB, New South Wales, Australia

Just to let you know everything has arrived safely and I am very pleased with it all. In fact I am tempted to order another necklace – I will think about over the weekend.

January 2010,PM

Hi Belinda - I have been wearing my new eternity ring non-stop, it looks lovely, thank you!

January 2010, SH, London

I am delighted with the ring and the bracelet! I am wearing the bracelet and it does look so authentic...SH, London

GN January 2010

I thought I would let you know that my sister loved her pendant – she was absolutely thrilled to bits with it! Thank you again for ensuring it reached me by Christmas. Happy New Year to you.

SB, Germany, January 2010

just to give a little positive feedback - both "your" gift items were highly appreciated by the recipients - thank you again!!

JW, August 2009

My husband's thrilled i've found you - it's saved him thousands!

Miss CT, beautiful bride, August 2009

wedding jewelry floating diamonds cz necklace wedding jewellery

Many thanks again, beautiful jewellery and I will be back for more!

October 2009 from MR

My ear-rings arrived this morning and I am delighted with them. Thank you for this excellent service.

PR, September 2009

Received my ring and I do LOVE it. Thanks for the great service.

Miss LM, bride-to-be, August 2009

Your beautiful cz jewellery arrived yesterday – thank you so much. Your kindness and generosity really has been fantastic and if there is anything I can do, such as recommendations, pictures of the jewellery on the day etc etc, then please do just let me know. 
I absolutely love the cubic zirconia earrings and bracelet – they are perfect with my wedding dress. 

JM, Southsea, July 2009

What a FABULOUS fake!! Thank you.

Mr RE, August 2009.

I ordered your Classic Victorian Sapphire/Diamond CZ Engagement Ring so that my fiancée has a realistic, elegant and correctly sized 'place-holder' to wear pending the arrival of the 'official' real engagement ring. She had the joy of doing her own shopping and it protected me against a bad choice! It will also come on holidays as we can leave the real one safely at home. 

SK, August 2009

  I have to say that I am very impressed with your customer service. Keeping me informed all the way through the process as often it can be disconcerting when you buy from the internet and you are not exactly sure what you are going to get! But the ring is very beautiful and a great copy whether you use it at home as a cz cocktail ring or on holiday to keep the real ones safe! Thank you 

JD, August 2009

I am thrilled with both items. One is a 21st birthday present and the cz ring is for me to have for travelling as none of my good jewellery is insured outside the country. I wore the ring to a friend's house yesterday and she really didn't believe it was cz.
I shall be back for more... I originally came across you at the charity fair in Suffolk at the Stoke by Nayland club, I got an amazing fake diamond necklace from you then and have worn it lots.

RW, June 2009

I have received the fake diamond engagement ring - thank you! My sister loved it as well so I have just placed an order for another one (size L).

GM, Oxon, July 2009

Hi Belinda, Well wowsers!!!!! What a rock - my husband said "now how the hell am i going to explain being able to afford that one";)! Seriously though, fabulous ring so thanks v much. I had the same style ring from ' removed....' and i have to say this one you have sold is by far far superior. Brilliant :)
So now, my mother who, by the way was livid as this ring is the same size as her real one ;),wants me to ask you if you're able to do the same Victorian style only with a ruby in place of the centre diamond? I swear, we will be your best customers ;) Hopefully speak to you soon, have a lovely weekend. GM

EK, August 2009

Thank you for the fabulous fake diamond rings and bracelet – they are wonderful and fit perfectly. 

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