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Autumn 2016

The world's finest imitation diamond jewellery
and some real gems!


Beautiful new pieces added all the time. Go on treat yourself......
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Man made diamond jewellery


The finest Cubic Zirconia Jewellery in the world: fabulous fake diamond rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets to take you anywhere!
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Christening present duchess cambridge earrings jewellery blue chalcedony necklace


Fabulous gemstone jewellery to add sparkle and colour: blue topaz rings, amethyst earrings, citrine bracelets, chalcedony and more...
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Our newest range: chosen by the young for the young. You won't be disappointed..
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Christening present jewellery blue chalcedony necklace



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Heavenly Necklaces is proud to present the finest cz jewellery; imitation  diamond rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, worn by celebrities and royalty all over the world.

We  believe incombining great fakes with real gems, so please take a look at the fab jewellery in 'real gems' — exotic one-off pieces in amethyst, green amethyst, blue topaz, citrine and other gemstones.

Our pages are full of inspirational gift ideas for birthday, Christmas, Christening or Anniversary presents, as well as wedding jewellery and bridesmaids' presents.


WHAT IS 'Fabulous Fakes'?
This breathtaking simulated diamond man-made & Cubic Zirconia rings, bracelets and cz necklaces and earrings, in antique and contemporary designs, causes a stir in the highest places! It looks a million dollars but costs a fraction of that, and won't break your heart — or the bank — if it's lost or stolen. Many people now leave the real stuff at home or in the bank, and simply 'take-a-fake' on holiday.

All jewellery in our Fabulous Fakes range is made from cubic zirconia stones beautifully set in Sterling Silver plated in rhodium: a precious metal that is more expensive and pure than platinum.  It makes silver stronger, and it protects allergy-prone wearers from the nickel in silver, and prevents the silver from tarnishing. Contact us for further information.
Man made diamonds jewelry
'I wear Fab Fakes; my bank now charges £60 a time to take out the real stuff.  This beats insuring it, taking it back to the bank, worrying about it...'
~ Lady P, Scotland

We use the best quality cubic zirconia for our fake diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings - and yes, the quality does vary. CZs used in CZ jewellery are the man-made diamonds that even professional jewellers have to look at twice. They are made of compressed carbon but they take several million years less to produce than the real thing! The technical differences are:

  • CZs are thermal insulators: diamonds are among the most efficient thermal conductors. A thermal probe applied to a suspect diamond will tell all!
  • Specific gravity; a cz will weigh 1.7 times more than a real diamond.
  • Hardness; a cz is not as hard as a diamond: 8.5 vv 10
  • Flaws: CZs are virtually flawless. Most diamonds have some sort of birthmark
  • Colour: only the rarest diamonds are truly colourless. CZs can be made entirely colourless, equivalent to a perfect 'D' diamond on the diamond colour grading scale.

Why wear imitation diamond jewellery?

These are the top reasons given by our lovely clients!

- I want really good fake jewellery to travel with and leave the real stuff behind

- I have been burgled and don't want to replace it with real pieces.

- I have lost one of the 'real' diamond earrings - and don't want my husband to know!

- I need impressive jewellery for my wedding day

- It is too expensive/much of a hassle to get the real pieces out of the bank

- I just want to update my look with something fabulous

- I want a good imitation diamond engagement ring to propose with!

Many people have asked us how many carats our lovely cz pieces would be if they were real diamonds.  Here is a conversion chart so that you can see for yourself!  A carat is a measure of weight (not size) and CZs are 75% heavier than real diamond.


Round stones Cubic Zirconia CZ's Diamond   Round stones Cubic Zirconia CZ's Diamond
Diameter in mm Weight in Points (100pts = 1 carat)   Diameter mm Weight in Points (100pts = 1 carat)
1.25 .013 .01   6.0 1.43 0.84
1.5 .023 .015   6.25 1.58 0.93
1.75 .037 .02   6.5 1.75 1.03
2.0 .06 .03   6.75 2.11 1.24
2.25 .08 .04   7.0 2.17 1.28
2.5 .10 .05   7.25 2.53 1.49
2.75 .15 .08   7.5 2.84 1.67
3.0 .18 .11   7.75 2.97 1.75
3.25 .24 .14   8.0 3.46 2.04
3.5 .29 .17   8.25 3.58 2.11
3.75 .36 .21   8.5 4.13 2.43
4.0 .43 .25   8.75 4.34 2.55
4.25 .48 .28   9.0 4.68 2.75
4.5 .61 .36   9.25 5.18 3.05
4.75 .74 .44   9.5 5.69 3.35
5.0 .79 .46   9.75 6.13 3.61
5.25 .95 .56   10.00 6.58 3.87
5.5 1.13 .66        
5.75 1.30 .76        


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