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The Famous Silver 'Diamonds By The Metre' Necklace
Available in 18" or 38".

Length & Finish

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We're really proud of this one and it's proving a real winner because it's SO VERSATILE. Available in 17" with a 1" extending chain and eight gorgeous 'diamonds', or 38" length with its 22 sparkling stones. 

The short one can be worn on its own or with a favourite pendant.  The 38" long one can be worn doubled (shown) or as a long single chain. The 5mm 'diamonds' are channel-set within the chain and it sparkles with your every move. Rhodium-plated Sterling Silver or 18ct gold vermeil - GORGEOUS!


It is very easy to catch a long necklace on something. You lean forward to do something; the necklace loops over a drawer-handle or your own knee; then you straighten up and 'OH NO!' it has snapped.

Necklaces don't 'just break into three pieces' when you're wearing them, and we can tell by the stretched links what has happened. So please, let's not play the blame game; just tell us it's 'Code Red' and we'll fix it for you!

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