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The Magnificent Star Brooch and Pendant
A spectacular piece that may be worn as a brooch or necklace
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Brooches are back  - it's official! And like many of our pieces, this one has a dual function. It is a brooch AND, with it's loop at the back, it is also a pendant.  The bail (loop) is big enough for a small pearl necklace to pass through.

Wear it on the dress/lapel just below the left shoulder, or threaded onto A DIAMOND BY THE METRE NECKLACE for the ultimate head-turning signature piece.  It is showstopping jewellery for all the social events this winter!  Sparkling on a lapel at a wedding or christening, suspended on a necklace for an evening party - it's fabulous.

Be ahead of the game with this beauty; just over 40mm x 40mm it has serious WOW! factor.  Please email us if you'd like a necklace of small pearls to wear it on for just £20.

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