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Perfect Single Diamond Pendant
It's a classic - in three sizes; the single diamond pendant

Stone Size

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The single diamond pendant has become a classic; and this version will fool even the most eagle-eyed!  Simple and stylish, it will take you anywhere; with lashings of understated chic.

5mm diameter: Strong and pretty; this is the perfect little imitation diamond pendant to wear every day. It sparkles well and is a very safe gift for all ages. Large enough to show yet small enough to be convincing.

6mm diameter: It's perfect; the single 'diamond' pendant that you can make your signature piece.  Nobody would believe it's a CZ pendant and not the real thing. Another of those: 'Oh I never take my diamond off, dah-ling!' pieces. Sparkly and convincing.

7.5mm diameter: Less subtle but so-o-oo realistic; the single 'diamond' pendant - our old friend the CZ again. The biggest single 'diamond' pendant that we do is 7.5mm - after this we begin to think it's too big to look real.

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Review : Beautifully believable. Very addictive. Gorgeous little solitaire

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