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The Three-in-one Pearls
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We are officially in love with these necklaces - and you know us and how much we love versatility in out jewellery, this is a truly magnificent piece. A long string of pearls (53cm) comes in 4 variations of crystal beads and pearls and can be worn long, doubled up with a lobster hook or wrapped around the wrist three times for a truly dramatic bracelet, that's bound to be the topic of conversation at a party.

We sell the lobster hook for £18 seperately and each necklace is slightly different, as are the prices of each:
Multi coloured pearls (peach, pink and white) on a string of light brown/citrine coloured beads.
Grey beads dotted with 10 grey pearls.
20 white pearls with white beads
10 white pearls on citrine/clear beads.
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