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The Dancing 'Diamond' Pendant
Twinkling, dancing, shimmering
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This is an exceptionally clever piece of 'En Tremblant' jewellery. En tremblant - meaning "to tremble" was  first used to describe 18th and 19th century jewellery where parts of the diamond-set pieces were attached to a trembler spring to create movement in the jewel when worn. Brooches mounted in this way were particularly effective in reflecting the scintillating fire of candlelight.

We've combined the trembling diamond with our ever-popular clover designs, encrusted with little cubic zirconia's - the result being one of real shine and shimmer.

See our dancing diamond in action here

Each clover is 15 x 15 mm and comes on a standard 18' silver chain, but you also have the option of a 16' chain if you prefer to wear it shorter.

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