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The Diamond Studs With A Removable Halo
How very clever!
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What a clever little design, what a clever little earring.  Ladies & gentleman, (drum roll please) Enter...  The Diamond Stud with a removable Halo!  At Heavenly Necklaces, we of course (Ahem), never remove our Heavenly Halos, having said that we can't guarantee that other people will not (and well, never say never in the House of Heavenly!) 

Our oval cut studs are 6mm x 4mm and can snuggly fit within a backet/basket allowing the stud to accumulate a halo.  The gap between the oval and halo is approximately 1mm and the halo itself is 1.5mm. 

Made out of sterling silver and also rhodium plated for an severe allergies.

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