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Affordable Diamonds

Affordable Diamonds - Almost as good as the real thing

Sold Out
The Moon Ring
£72.00 GBP
Save £30.00 GBP
The Glorious Deco Drops
£48.00 GBP £78.00 GBP
The Superstuds
£60.00 GBP
Save £30.00 GBP
The Original Non-Drop Drops
£40.00 GBP £70.00 GBP
Save £40.00 GBP
The Magnificent Double Pear Drops
£40.00 GBP £80.00 GBP
Sold Out
The Brilliant Earrings
£20.00 GBP £85.00 GBP
The Galaxy Ring
From £76.00 GBP
Save £30.00 GBP
The Speakeasy Studs
£49.00 GBP £79.00 GBP
Save £30.00 GBP
The 'Double Diamond' Hearts
£40.00 GBP £70.00 GBP
Save £30.00 GBP
The Roaring 2020's Pink Topaz Drops
From £60.00 GBP £90.00 GBP
The 4mm Tennis Bracelet
From £115.00 GBP
The 2.5mm Tennis Bracelet
From £105.00 GBP
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