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Plastic Backed Butterflies - prevents 'earring droop'!

£4.00 GBP
Clear Plastic


We have made an improvement with these plastic back!  Now made entirely out of a clear softer plastic- dodging those allergies and giving them an even longer shelf life, yippee!!!

To all fans of statement and cocktail earrings! Have you ever found that some earrings tip forward or droop a little when you wear them?  These wide-backed butterflies should put a stop to all that!

They are particularly good for people who have their ears pierced quite low on the lobe, or whose hole has gradually become a little lower or stretched after wearing heavy earrings. Or if you're simply addicted to heavier, showier earrings like us!

These clever little plastic-backed butterflies ensure the earring stays upright and stops it from tipping forwards and facing downwards. They also minimize the stress and 'pull' on the piercing itself, stopping the ever-impending 'long lobe' - a good look on elephants, not so popular in Chelsea. They add a little extra support just where it's needed. We are selling a 'pair and a spare' for £4.00.

Jewellery Care

90% of our jewellery is 925 sterling silver and plated with either 18ct gold or rhodium. Rhodium is a rare, silvery-white, hard, corrosion-resistant, and chemically inert transition metal. It is a noble metal and a member of the platinum group. The other 10% of our jewellery is made from either platinum, 9ct gold, brass or enamel plated.

In order to get the most out of your plated jewellery, we've created some handy guidelines that will keep your pieces looking the best they can, for longer.

1. Remove long necklaces during tasks where they may get caught

Take your necklaces off when there is a chance they can get snagged or caught.

2. Remove jewellery when applying makeup, lotions or chemicals

Cosmetics, hairspray, perfume and lotions often contain chemicals in them that tarnish plated jewellery. Always remove and be careful not to spray perfumes on plated earrings!

3. Swimming and Saunas

Chlorine, salt water and intense heat (from saunas or steam rooms) can react with the metals in our jewellery causing colour changes and even structural damage.

4. Contact Sport and jewellery don't mix

Hard contact during sports (yes, we're talking to you weight-lifting ladies) can damage and misshape jewellery - so take it off and store it somewhere safe.

5. Store your jewellery well

You will have one of our lovely Heavenly pouches, we advise storing your jewellery in them overnight to stop oxidisation and discoloration.