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Imitation Diamond Jewellery Collection

Our new imitation jewellery collection is perfect for all your needs. You’ll find a wide assortment of necklaces & pendants for every occasion of your life. Here are a few beloved and latest jewellery designs.

Sold Out
The Superstuds
£60.00 GBP
The Fine Eternity Ring
From £58.00 GBP
The Nomad Earrings
From £40.00 GBP
The Moon Ring
£72.00 GBP
The Bedouin Earrings
From £40.00 GBP
Save £60.00 GBP
The Divine Coin Earrings
From £5.00 GBP £65.00 GBP
Save £40.00 GBP
The Silver Oval Gemstone Ring
£5.00 GBP £45.00 GBP
Save £46.00 GBP
The Textured Cocktail Rings
£19.00 GBP £65.00 GBP
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