The Gold & Silver Pearls By The Metre Bracelet

£48.00 GBP


Click here to see the Pearls by the Metre Bracelet in action (video)

What a charming bracelet! These big pearls are real freshwater beauties...there was a time when freshwater pearls were mishapen and bumpy, and looked a little like rice krispies. Now they are smooth and beautiful and probably the best bargain around!

The gold pearl bracelet is 17cm - 19cm long (the 'extender chain' enables it to be worn either length. They are now made with a slightly thicker and more robust chain than our previous models and six pearls. Coupled with the shorter length which will prevent it getting caught on things, it will stand the test of time!

Please note our new batch of silver bracelets now come with five much larger pearls- and fastening options at 18, 19 and 20cm.

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