The Amethyst Teardrop and Pink Pantone Studs

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There's nothing we love more than versatility (and jewellery), and with these earrings you get both!  This divine piece is two earrings in one (yay).

The top stud is a part of our unbelievably popular 'Pantone' collection, we only have one pair of these studs in this colour so act quickly or miss out at your peril!  The rather large real detachable amethyst teardrop can be removed so you can either wear this earring dressed up or down, how clever (if you have other studs you can use the teardrop with them as well!).

Set in sterling silver and rhodium plated, the stud measures 8mm and the real (and rather sizeable) amethyst teardrop 13mm x 8mm.

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