BACK IN STOCK The Baroque Pearl Detachables

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£55.00 GBP

They're BACK by popular demand! We are so delighted with these amazing real baroque pearls that can be attached to your hoops.

These are large, tear-drop shaped pearls and look wonderful with our plain or 'diamond' lever hoops! The real freshwater pearls are made by Mother Nature herself and are not man-made. If they do not appear perfect (or if the pair aren't identical) that's because, here at the House of Heavenly, we celebrate the wonderfully, naturally irregular form!  No two are alike and their ridges and bumps are a special part of their charm.

The flat underside of the pearl (this is not visible to the onlooker) can be a little dull or a little marked, this is completely normal as it is where the pearl rested on the shell. Measuring approximately 11mm wide and 22mm length. The sterling silver loop is rhodium or gold-plated for anti-tarnish and anti-allergy properties.

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