Fine 3mm Round Stone Tennis Bracelet

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£105.00 GBP

Click here to watch the 3mm Tennis Bracelet in action (video)

This is a replica of the sort of thing Marilyn Monroe would've found in the box presented to her by a starstruck stage-door-Johnny; the stylish fine 'diamond' tennis bracelet that is so chic and so understated.

We have this bracelet is sizes small and medium, which are 6.5" and 7".

There is a concealed clasp with two safety catches.  Please forgive the photos which all show the same sized bracelet - we're working on it...!  The third photo shows the comparison between the different sized stones: we don't go above 4mm as we don't believe it is convincing!

Our Tennis bracelets are designed to bend one way only and if you bend it the wrong way it will snap!

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