The New Cushion Cut Detachables - GOLD

£38.00 GBP£55.00 GBP

£38.00 GBP

We are SO excited about these new cushion-cut detachable gemstones in an incredible 13 DIFFERENT COLOURS!  To keep the price down we have used dyed quartz that looks like real stones, but a couple of them are real - some citrines, green amethysts, smoky topaz and aqua onyx. 

These are a real 'take-you-anywhere' style; smart, contemporary and stylish during the day and you can jazz them up for evening wear on the sparkling cz hoops.

This clever stone is neither round nor square; the cushion shape is 12mm across plus a little more for the setting.  Many people buy several pairs to go on their hoops so they have something for every outfit! 

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