The Graduated 'Diamond' Collar

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Our 'diamond' collars are - quite simply - amazing!  They are actually cast in a mould which is used to make real diamond necklaces in platinum, so they couldn't be more convincing. A perennial favourite with brides, red carpet celebrities and royal occasions; this faux diamond necklace really does go places.  We know of two that regularly appear at state occasions.

The graduated 'diamonds' in this collar flash brilliantly with every move you make. The central stone is around 5mm in size. This makes it large enough to flash its fire, yet the right size to be convincing! The standard length of the diamond collar is 16" - fairly short but not a 'choker'; it is designed to sit at the base of the column of your neck.

Anecdote! A customer asked if she could return this necklace after buying it and we asked her why. She said that her husband had bought her a real one so she didn't need it. She lived round the corner so we said she could return it but only if she brought in the real one to show us! Well, she did, and of course we had to compare! We all agreed that it was very, very difficult indeed to tell the difference - except for the price!

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