Plastic Backed Butterflies - prevents 'earring droop'!

£4.00 GBP


To all fans of statement and cocktail earrings! Have you ever found that some earrings tip forward or droop a little when you wear them?  These wide-backed butterflies should put a stop to all that!

They are particularly good for people who have their ears pierced quite low on the lobe, or whose hole has gradually become a little lower or stretched after wearing heavy earrings. Or if you're simply addicted to heavier, showier earrings like us!

These clever little plastic-backed butterflies ensure the earring stays upright and stops it from tipping forwards and facing downwards. They also minimize the stress and 'pull' on the piercing itself, stopping the ever-impending 'long lobe' - a good look on elephants, not so popular in Chelsea. They add a little extra support just where it's needed. We are selling a 'pair and a spare' for £4.00.

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