The Gold Intaglio Detachables

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These are the first from our new Etruscan collection and look how heavenly they are!  These beautiful detachable 'intaglio' etched glass earrings  are designed to fit on our leverback hoops. They are set in a sterling silver, gold plated surround and have three sets of little ball pointers to give it a Roman/Etruscan style.

The central part of the earrings have a 24mm diameter and the loop at the top with the balls at the bottom give it a total height of 32mm. Like all of our detachables, the gemstones and hoops are sold separately. If you would like both parts, please select what you are after and then 'add to basket'. The hoops are £38 and the gemstones are now reduced to just £40!

The earrings are slightly curved on one side, giving them a range of colour depending on how they catch the light from different angles.  They really are the most beautiful and versatile earrings! The art of Intaglio gemstone carving has been highly valued throughout history. It can trace its roots back to ancient Egypt, Greece, Byzantium, Rome and the Renaissance. Intaglio gemstones were used as seals - often mounted in rings - for sealing damp clay and, later, wax onto important documents. A finely carved seal made forgery more difficult. In the middle ages intaglio necklaces were prized possessions and priceless pieces were created during the Renaissance. Latterly, the gifted craftsmen of Venice have produced beautiful pieces in Murano Glass.

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