The Rough Aquamarine Necklace

£145.00 GBP £65.00 GBP


 an you believe that we are selling a chunk of real aquamarine at such a ridiculous price?!  Nor can we - and we positively gasped when we saw these. We have hand-picked the finest of a selection of these rough stones and set them in  18ct gold-plated brass and made into a pendant. The result is outstanding - a totally unique and stunning piece of green-blue jewellery. And if you have green or blue eyes this will REALLY work on you.

The aquamarine is in its purest and most raw form, so each varies in size and shape and the pricing reflects this. The three sizes are: Large: 35 x 23mm at the widest and highest point.

Technical stuff aside now, we really think these one-off pieces are going to fly so don't hang around!

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