The Fabulous Blue Topaz Guinevere Ring

£92.00 GBP


Click here to watch the Blue Topaz Guinevere Ring in action (video)

Blue Topaz at it's finest; this is the famous show-stopping 'Guinevere Ring'. Set with a rich, real Sky Blue Topaz it has two sparkling 'diamond' czs each side in a broad band of 18ct gold-plated silver. A classic medieval setting this is one of our most popular rings ever!

The10mm real blue topaz stone - in sky blue for it's similarity to aquamarine - is flanked by two 3mm czs. Please note that this is a dress ring, and that, despite 2 microns of gold plate, the golden rings will eventually fade where they are rubbed (mostly at the back). Though many people say they like the softer patina. A wonderful piece!

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