The Rough Aquamarine Ring

£65.00 GBP £50.00 GBP


Back by popular demand... Here is your opportunity to own a real, large aquamarine at a fraction of the normal price. We are offering just three of these astonishingly beautiful rings in their purest form: raw; unpolished gorgeous real aquamarine stones. Plated with 18 carat gold for a beautiful satiny brushed gold finish.

The ring itself is made of brass, plated with the 18ct gold which is how we've been able to keep the price so ridiculously low! The largest of the stones is 2.7cm long and 2.7cm wide. The smaller ones are approximately 2.4cm in length and 1.4cm wide. We are also offering a one-off raw Green Amethyst ring as well. Set in the same beautiful gold encasement, this provides minimal distractions so that we may appreciate these stones in their purest and most wonderful form. The Green Amethyst ring is 15mm at its longest point and 19mm at the widest.

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