Three 'Diamonds' Trilogy CZ Ring

£62.00 GBP£76.00 GBP

£76.00 GBP

Click here to watch the Trilogy CZ Ring in action (video)

We love this ring and it is, understandably, our bestseller. Each stone is a plausible 6mm in diameter. One client proudly showed us hers after three years of constant wear; in and out of the sea, the bath, washing up bowl - and it still looked fantastic! The 'diamonds' are large enough to notice but small enough to get away with - a winning combo!

And just look how amazing it is when surrounded by two eternity rings...simply magnificent! * NOW AVAILABLE IN SPECIAL SIZES. We are now able to offer this ring to people with tiny fingers, and also people with larger than average or arthritic fingers. There is a £14 supplement for this, and it will take 6 weeks. Please note that these rings cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Items with a star by them (*) are special orders and can take up to 6-7 weeks to arrive.

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