The Baroque Pearl Goddess Earrings - two colours

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Some Greek myths tell tales of the tears of Gods & Goddesses- we are told that they believed that pearls exist because the Gods cried them out- rare and beautiful, precious and magical, each one unique, telling their own story with every captivating and intrigueing groove or dip- from the sea, to the land and maybe perhaps, they really are made from the tears of Greek Gods and Goddesses- it would at the very least explain their extraordinary beauty.

Set in sterling silver and 18ct gold plate, the cz 'diamonds' measure around 2mm each, the entire length of the earring from the hook to the bottom of the pearl is 4cm, the baroque pearls are roughly 14mm x 18mm- they are Mother Nature's work at its finest so these unique and individually stunning pearls have as much (and more!) texture and glowy pearlescence as you could wish for, some may vary slighty in size and shape, this is perfectly normal.


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