About Heavenly Necklaces

Heavenly Necklaces (HN) is a busy online business which sells the world's finest collection of imitation diamond jewellery, as well as fabulous real gems.

The collection features pieces that are worn by royalty, aristocracy and celebrities all over the world and are hard to tell from genuine pieces of diamond and precious jewellery.

Heavenly Necklaces is the brainchild of Belinda Hadden (now Belinda Scott), who started the online business from the kitchen table in 1998. Says Belinda: 'People would be amazed to know how many really well-heeled people are wearing fakes! Of course, most of them prefer to remain anonymous.'

The company is run day-to-day by her daughter Madeleine, who also has inherited the same love of jewellery, leaving Belinda to focus on the ever-changing designs and new collections.