We at Heavenly Necklaces, see the importance of little businesses who can make a big change. That's why we are proud supporters of a number of charities and causes worldwide and we wanted to let you know how you are helping us to help them.

1. International Women's Day and Womankind Worldwide

On International Women's Day in March 2019, we pledged to give £1.50 to Womankind Worldwide for a selection of every rose quartz piece of jewellery sold.

Womankind Worldwide works in solidarity with women’s movements around the world to bring about lasting change in women’s lives.

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2. The Ocean Clean Up

In May, we are participating in a London-based pop-up that supports The Ocean Clean Up project. The Ocean Cleanup is designing and developing the first feasible method to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Every year, millions of tons of plastic enter the ocean. A significant percentage of this plastic drifts into large systems of circulating ocean currents, also known as gyres. Once trapped in a gyre, the plastic will break down into microplastics and become increasingly easier to mistake for food by sea life.
Going after it with vessels and nets would be costly, time-consuming, labor-intensive and lead to vast amounts of carbon emission and by-catch. That is why The Ocean Cleanup is developing a passive system, moving with the currents - just like the plastic - to catch it. The system consists of a 600-meter-long floater that sits at the surface of the water and a tapered 3-meter-deep skirt attached below. The floater provides buoyancy to the system and prevents plastic from flowing over it, while the skirt stops debris from escaping underneath. As the system moves through the water, the plastic continues to collect within the boundaries of the U-shaped system.

3. Heavenly Recycling

We recycle all of our paper and have an office-wide minimal paper use community. We are strongly against single-use plastic and almost 90% of our packaging is recyclable or made from recycled materials.