Classic Victorian Trilogy Engagement Ring

£68.00 GBP£84.00 GBP

£84.00 GBP

Click here to watch the Victorian Trilogy Engagement Ring in action (video)

This is the stunning, classic three-stone trilogy Victorian faux diamond engagement ring.  A large 8mm central stone with two slightly smaller 6mm ones each side. Who's to know it's not real? A number of male clients have bought this imitation diamond engagement ring to propose with, one actually had it copied with real diamonds when she said 'yes'!

It's also a really good fake engagement ring to take on holiday, which won't break the heart - or the bank balance - if it's lost or stolen.  Very, very sparkly...

* We are now able to offer this ring to people with tiny fingers, and also people with larger-than-average or arthritic fingers. There is a £20 supplement for this, and it will take 6 weeks.  Please note that these rings cannot be exchanged or refunded. 

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