The Gold & Silver Pearls By The Metre Necklaces in 18" or 38"

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Click here to watch the short necklace in action (video)

Click here to watch the long necklace in action (video)

This is a new take on a string of pearls; a totally contemporary pearl necklace offering a younger, fresher look (as opposed to Granny's old dusty pearls)!  Each pearl measures approx 10mm x 8mm and comes in either sterling silver or gold plate. Please note that Gold Vermeil is a coating and, if exposed to lots of scent, chlorine, hairspray etc, the gold will eventually rub off.

If you're not used to wearing long necklaces it is easy to catch them on something when you're skipping around town being fabulous.  So please, if you're being active, just tuck it down your top so that it doesn't catch on anything!

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