The Beautiful Half Eternity Ring

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£84.00 GBP

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There are lots of reasons for a half eternity over a full eternity band. Some people don't like a full eternity ring (what, waste all those stones round the back where you can't see them?) so here's the perfect alternative. Many people feel that it is more comfortable than a full eternity ring, as there are no stones between the fingers. And it means you can have bigger 'diamonds' on a half eternity; big stones are deeper and much too big between the fingers.

This one features five nice large stones (4mm diameter) which means it is significant enough to wear alone - it's also a useful 'stopper' for a too-big ring. * NOW AVAILABLE IN SPECIAL SIZES. We are now able to offer this ring to people with tiny fingers, and also people with larger than average or arthritic fingers. There is a £20 supplement for this, and it will take six weeks. Please note that these rings cannot be exchanged or refunded.

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