The Bedouin Earrings

£40.00 GBP£125.00 GBP

£125.00 GBP

You loved the Nomad Earrings, so we felt it was only right to introduce her gorgeous, slightly larger sister, for those that want to wear a more statement piece. Intricate heavenly ropework, mother of pearl face and cosmic stars, and finished with a green textured enamel side, so you can wear them two ways. This sounds like Heavenly Necklaces' incredible new Bedouin earrings. 

Inspired by the cosmos, the Bedouin Earrings are the perfect little lightweight detachables to add to our collection for this season. And in heavenly style, each pair of earrings are finished with a unique pink textured back with a little cubic zirconia in the centre. 

These earrings measure a perfect 15mm high, the Nomad Earrings in comparison are 10mm and the loop at the top give them an extra 3mm in height. The hoops (£40) are sold separately to the drops which are (£85) and all of our hoops fit our detachable drops. 

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