The Detachable Pastel Cowrie Shells

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The cowry shell detachables are exactly what we need right now, a little bit of sunshine and playfulness on a dreary day, and if you're lucky enough to see some sun, then the perfect accompaniment to any outfit whilst the sun shines brightly down on you!  These detachables also have an interesting bit of history to them; the cowrie — or cowry — shell was once one of the most successful and universal forms of currency in the world (though we advise against paying for your sundowners with them). 

These fantastic earrings can be worn with glorious colourful hoops or our classic lever hoop collection!

The colourful hoops are enamel plated and measure 13mm in diameter.  The Shells are enamel covered cowrie shell and measure 20mm x 15mm.  The coloured hoops and shells sold together.

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