The Crystal Shard Necklace

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We simply can't get enough of this necklace; it this is our #hashtag favourite at the moment. I mean - what's not to love, a captivating natural shard of natural crystal sitting high on the neck, with the option of wearing it solo or layered with others?

The necklace has been designed so that each edge of the crystal is cradled within two gold loops -  we most certainly wanted to show off all of its beautiful characteristics without creating any distractions in the setting itself. Layer this necklace with some of our other hand-crafted necklaces to add a fun, flirty and bohemian way of styling your jewellery and making it even more personal and self-reflective. Alternatively, we also love the beauty and simplicity of wearing 'The Crystal Shard' as a little piece of treasure around your neck. 'The Crystal Shard' is approximately 25mm from point to point and roughly 55mm wide. The setting and chain are all solid silver and 18ct yellow gold plate. The chain is 18'' long and can be fastened at 14'',16'' or 18''.

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