The Fabulous Gold Leaf Earrings

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These earrings are real head-turners!  They work marvelously with short or long hair; hair worn loose so that they mingle with the hair, or in an up-do so that they are visible in all their magnificence. They are long; falling just below the shoulder, and measure approx 14cm long, so they are not for the faint-hearted!

They look  equally wonderful with a black polo-neck and jeans; or with evening dress or with a kaftan on the beach. They are so 'statement' that you don't need to wear anything around your neck with them. 

Please note that these earrings absolutely must not be bent...they are designed to move as a snake (hence it is called a snake chain) but not be bent double. So if you are traveling with them be sure to pad them carefully; maybe put them in a padded box so that accidents will not happen!

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