The Smaller Man in the Moon Ovals

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 Click here to watch the Man in the Moon's in action (video)

There are earrings, and then there are these 'Man In The Moon Ovals'.  They are everything and then some! It's difficult to put into words just how special and original these earrings are, simply put, we love them and all their amazing colours - there is something for every outfit.

In many exquisite colours, 'The Man In The Moon Earrings' are drops-of-treasure inspired by the style and history of ancient treasure.  These earrings super-stylish, and we have given them the 'Heavenly' touch - by detailing the hand-carved jewels with three elegantly placed carved gemstone points, spaced evenly around the oval.   Each detachable is 12mm high x 15mm wide. They are all sterling silver and 18ct gold plate.

These detachables come with gold plain hoops as standard.

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