Reduced From £65: The Three-in-one Pearls

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Click here to watch the Three-in-One Pearls in action (video)

Such a clever piece of jewellery; it doesn't come more versatile than this!   The Three-in-One necklace is a long string of natural freshwater pearls (53cm)  separated with crystal beads.  It can be worn long, doubled up with a 'necklace shortener', or wrapped around the wrist three times for a truly dramatic bracelet.  You need the 'shortener' as otherwise it won't go round the wrist without one long droopy bit!

We sell the shortener for £18 separately and each necklace is slightly different, as are the prices of each: Multi-coloured natural, undyed pearls (peach, pink and white) on a string of champagne coloured crystals (back in stock). Grey crystals dotted with 10 grey pearls. Or 20 white pearls with white crystals or, finally 10 white pearls on citrine/clear .

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